Have you ever heard of plant tablets? They are a great way to regenerate and revive the flowers of your plants.

Find out how to use the tablets with various recipes to achieve efficient and optimal results in no time and with simple steps.

Spectacular flowering: just 1 tablet for any flower and it will come to life!

Tablets for plants: what they are

The tablets you use usually consist of potassium and magnesium, a perfect mix that can help you give your plant flowers a shiny and healthy appearance.

The use of the tablets is ideal for plants that begin to discolor over time, gradually becoming more and more yellowish.

It is a quick and practical remedy that improves the flowering of your plants, making them look lusher and brighter, therefore, it is a great solution for the health of your plants.

There are several ways in which you can use plant tablets; there are numerous recipes to suit any kind of need or preference.

For example, you can put a single 500-milligram tablet in a pot with only one flower.

If, on the other hand, the size of your plant is larger, we recommend using two or more tablets to be placed precisely under the potting soil, inside the pot.

Some plant tablets can be used by proceeding with specific watering with an aqueous solution in which a precise amount of medication is dissolved.

In other cases, the tablets are placed inside a pot with boiling water, so they are dissolved and then poured over the potted soil.

Other examples

Some plant tablets, after being dissolved inside plenty of water, also are used by means of a vaporizer, so that the aqueous solution is perfectly sprayed all over the plant’s leaves and flowers.

The different mixtures and amounts of medication depend on the type of plant that needs to be worked on and most importantly, they vary according to the size of the plant.

It is normal for very large houseplants to use more tablets and to proceed with the mixtures even several times a week.

The results will be visible in a very short time, it will be really exciting to see the leaves and flowers slowly regain their original colors.

In no time, with simple and quick steps you can revive your plants, giving them the right shine and radiance again.


In addition to the various recipes you can create, you can also opt for different types of plant tablets, depending on your needs.