Here’s a look at what you can do with Vaseline in the garden. You know that cream that helps limit friction thanks to its lubricating properties. Well, Vaseline has many uses in the garden. And yet, we’re all too rarely aware of them. That’s why I enlisted the help of Paul, my local gardener. He always has lots of easy tricks up his sleeve to make life easier for gardeners. So here are 9 ways to use Vaseline in the garden.

  1. Vaseline protects garden tools

Most garden tools are made of metal and with soil, water and humidity, they tend to rust very quickly. But a rusty tool has two major drawbacks: not only does it become more fragile, but it can also soil your plants and transmit bacteria to them. To protect them from rust, Paul has a trick. He coats them with a thin layer of Vaseline. And he does it right from the start. That is, when they’re still new. As moisture is stopped by Vaseline’s oily barrier, corrosion can’t deposit. Easy and inexpensive!

  1. Vaseline makes the shovel glide through the snow

Snow clearing isn’t exactly hard work! The shovel is super-heavy. What’s more, you have to work like crazy to get it to slide perfectly between the snow and the ground. Why not make it easier? Coating the shovel with a thin layer of Vaseline makes it glide more easily. As a result, it sinks easily between the ground and the layer of snow. This facilitates our work and limits our efforts. It even saves a little time!

  1. Vaseline repels insects

Certain insects have an annoying tendency to make our lives miserable in summer. Such is the case with ants. They form a long convoy through our homes to nibble on a few sweet delicacies. They also come to our plants to attract pests such as aphids and mealybugs. To keep them at bay, you can use Vaseline. Its sticky properties prevent ants from climbing everywhere. Simply coat the trunks and stems of plants to be protected. You can also spread Vaseline on the lower leaves of certain plants. But be careful! Don’t cover all the leaves, as this will suffocate them.

  1. Vaseline stops insects climbing fruit trees

When you think that insects feast more on our fruit than we do! They bolt our cherries, apples, peaches, apricots and other fruits that we work so hard to grow…and don’t even have time to taste. To avoid this, we can use Vaseline. Coat the trunk of the tree in at least 3 circular strips. Small pests won’t be able to get past this sticky obstacle. And they’ll leave our fruit alone.

  1. Vaseline acts as a trap for midges and thrips on plants

As soon as the weather warms up, little midges are flying everywhere around houseplants. It’s not a pretty sight, nor is it very pleasant. What’s more, they can damage even the most fragile leaves by biting them. Fortunately, you can do something about it naturally and inexpensively. Take a piece of cardboard or a yellow object and coat it with Vaseline. It’s a super-easy midge trap. Gnats are attracted to yellow, so they’ll stick to the Vaseline. And there you have it! It also works against thrips (storm bugs), provided the trap is dark blue.

  1. Vaseline repels slugs and snails

We’re staying with the little buggers that can do a bit of damage in the garden. Among other things, snails and slugs feast on lettuces in our vegetable gardens. Vaseline can be used to create a barrier against these gastropods. Mix it with salt to form a kind of paste. Then spread it around the slugs’ favorite vegetables. The slugs won’t get through this effective, economical barrier. And don’t worry, it won’t kill them, unlike the products you sometimes find in garden centers.

  1. Vaseline soothes insect bites

Have you just been stung by an insect? Mosquito, wasp, black fly… It really itches! To soothe the itch, apply a little Vaseline to the itchy area. It immediately soothes that unpleasant scratching sensation. It also works on your dog, cat or horse itching because of insect bites.

  1. Vaseline moisturizes hands after gardening

After a good session of gardening, your hands are quite damaged: dry, scratched… After washing them thoroughly to remove the last traces of dirt from the skin and under the nails, remember to disinfect them. Especially if you have small cuts. Then apply a thin layer of Vaseline, massaging it gently into your hands. It moisturizes them deep down and leaves them feeling really soft. As if nothing had happened!

  1. Vaseline prevents squeaking

In the garden, there can be a lot of things that squeak: swings, gates, garden shed gates… It’s not too serious, but it can be unpleasant. Fortunately, Vaseline acts as a lubricant. Simply apply some to the hinges of squeaky doors. Open and close them a few times to let the product spread. Simple and effective!

10. Vaseline protects delicate blooms from frost

Late spring frosts can be a threat to delicate flowers and buds in your garden. To shield them from frost damage, apply a thin layer of Vaseline to the petals and buds of your vulnerable plants. The Vaseline acts as a protective barrier, preventing frost from directly contacting the plant tissues. This method can help safeguard your flowers and preserve their beauty during unexpected cold snaps.