You are probably familiar with this. Whether after a strenuous meeting or after lunch. You get tired and lack energy – your own batteries are empty. With these 11 tips, you can replenish your energy reserves and personal batteries.

Tip 1: Acupressure – massage your earlobes

Massage both earlobes for a short time with your thumb and index finger and pull on them several times. You will notice that thanks to this little trick you have more energy for a short time and feel a little more awake.

Tip 2: Chewing gum – Chewing yourself lively

Chewing gum increases the heartbeat and thus stimulates blood flow in the brain. Peppermint chewing gum is best for this, as the fresh taste of peppermint perks you up.

Tip 3: Healthy snacks – avoid carbohydrates

Cut out carbohydrates when you feel fatigue. The body needs much more energy for hard-to-digest foods and you will feel even more flabby. An apple in between is better than a chocolate bar – and also donates a lot of vitamins.

Tip 4: Fresh air – get outdoors

Open the windows or even better, go outside and take a short walk. The fresh air will clear your head and activate your energy reserves. 15 minutes is all it takes, and you will feel more alert afterwards. By the way, the shortchange of scenery also helps with creative blockades.

Tip 5: Music – Loud pick-me-up

Take a short break, put on your favorite song and sing along. Music can work wonders, brighten your mood and make you active and lively again. But be careful: warn your colleagues if you don’t have your own office.

Tip 6: “Power nap” – A short nap in between

If you feel sleepy or simply didn’t get enough sleep last night, a short “power nap” works wonders. Lie down briefly for about 10-20 minutes to recharge your batteries. You’ll feel fresh and full of energy afterwards. Make sure, however, that you don’t sleep for more than a maximum of 30 minutes. This is because if you sleep too long, your body will fall into a deep sleep phase. The effect: when you are awake again, you will feel even more tired.

Tip 7: Stretching – really stretching once in a while

Do you have an office job, or do you have to sit a lot in your job? Stretch once properly to refuel energy. Stretching your wrists, arms and legs will briefly improve blood circulation in your body, making you feel more alert.

Tip 8: Cold water – cool energy booster

Hold your wrists under ice cold water or wash your face. The cold refreshment will stimulate your circulation and do you and your body good. Alternatively, you can take a cold shower. Especially in the summer when temperatures are hot, this is a refreshing way to wake you up.

Tip 9: Drinking water – refreshment for in-between times

Have you not drunk water for a while? In everyday life you often forget to drink enough fluids. Make sure you drink regularly. This is not only healthy, but also prevents fatigue.

Tip 10: Sport – A short round of fitness

If possible, take a short fitness session: squats, push-ups or a round of running will perk you up. Sport increases your heart rate and fills you with energy. But don’t completely exhaust yourself, as this would have the opposite effect. Instead of taking the elevator, simply use the stairs in your daily routine. In any case, exercise will do you good and keep you going.

Tip 11: Coffee – The caffeine kick

The classic: If it doesn’t work at all, there is still the option of caffeine. A cup of coffee stimulates the brain and metabolism, giving you an energy boost. The invigorating effect of caffeine takes about half an hour to take effect. Alternatively, you can also reach for tea or mate drinks. In any case, you should not overdo it with the caffeine. That’s why our other tips are guaranteed caffeine-free.