Keeping the house clean when you have pets is not always easy. Their hair is difficult to remove from the house, especially on textile surfaces. Carpet, sofa, chair, curtain or even the floor, no surface is spared. However, there are effective tips to get rid of these hairs while cleaning the house. Check out these 12 quick solutions.

We like our hairballs, but we appreciate less the damage they do on our sofas and even our bed. Besides dander and some bad smells, their hairs are also a problem, especially since they easily stick to any fabric in the house. To easily get rid of these hairs while cleaning your house, 12 solutions are possible.

What are the 12 quick solutions to remove pet hair from your home?

There are 12 ways to rid your home of unwanted pet hair.

  1. The adhesive brush to remove the hair

The adhesive brush is a roller surrounded by an adhesive paper that allows it to catch the hair. To do this, simply run the brush several times over the various pieces of furniture in the house, such as armchairs or carpets.

  1. Damp sponge to get rid of hair.

To get rid of hair on your textile furniture, it is recommended to rub a damp, clean microfiber sponge in small circles over the armchairs or sofas. In this way, you will collect all the hairs into a single, easily removable ball.

  1. The washcloth for removing hair

To remove hair clinging to your clothes, wet a washcloth, wring it out and run it over your clothes, rubbing gently.

  1. Electrostatic brush for hair removal

This brush effectively removes the hair present on the textile. To do this, run it in the same direction every time to clean your sofas, carpets and even your clothes from your pet’s hair.

  1. White vinegar to remove hair

To clean your carpets and remove all the hair effectively, it is advisable to mix half a liter of water with 4 tablespoons of white vinegar. Spray the solution on the carpet and then brush it with the back of a sponge.

  1. Pantyhose to get rid of hair

Sweeping the house is not always an effective solution for removing pet hair. To remove them effectively, take a pair of nylon tights and add the broom to it, then sweep the house. All the hair will stick to the pantyhose thanks to the static electricity that occurs.

  1. Fabric softener to remove hair.

To easily remove hair from fabric surfaces, mix water and fabric softener in equal parts, then spray your solution on the fabric. Then run an anti-static cloth over all sprayed surfaces to catch the hair.

  1. The balloon to remove hair

Take an inflated balloon and rub it over the hairy surface. Static electricity can pull all the hair to the ball. This trick can also be used on clothes.

  1. The vacuum cleaner to remove hair

Vacuuming in the house is a very convenient way to remove hair, especially on large surfaces in the house.

  1. The microfiber cloth to remove hair

The microfiber cloth is very popular in cleaning the house, and for good reason, it effectively catches dust and prevents it from settling elsewhere. In addition to dusting the house, the microfiber cloth is also effective in removing hair from your pets. To do this, simply dampen it slightly and spread it on various surfaces around the house.

  1. The rubber glove to remove hair

To clean a hair surface of your pet, put on a glove and run your hand over the surface in question. Thanks to the friction, the latex of the glove generates a static electricity that allows to capture all the hair.

  1. Softening wipes to get rid of hair

Softening cloths are effective for removing hair from clothing or fabric furniture, whether new or used. To do this, simply run a cloth over the fabric to catch the hair.

With these quick solutions, you’ll get rid of your pet’s hair easily and effortlessly. In addition to these tips, remember to brush your cat or dog regularly, especially in the fall and spring, as the molting of these animals causes significant hair loss. Some breeds even require daily brushing. You can also make them suitable shampoos. In fact, if your pet likes water, you should wash it 1 to 4 times a month to stimulate hair regrowth and slow down hair loss.