Have you discovered holes in wooden furniture? Then you’d better not hesitate and apply our tips against nasty woodworms!

If you discover woodworms in your furniture, you should act quickly. The common nail beetle, as the worm is also called, can cause great damage to the wooden structure. That’s why you should always keep an eye out for signs: Holes in the wood, wood flour oozing out of them, and noises coming from the wood are among them and should immediately put you on alert. To keep woodworms from doing as little damage as possible, there are several tricks!

Three tricks to fight woodworms

  1. Get rid of woodworms with the right room climate

The pesky little worms like it cool and damp – but in moderation. It should be neither too hot nor too cold. That’s why you often find them in basements or unused attics. Therefore, a good trick is to place infested furniture in a room that is centrally heated. Do not wipe the furniture with a damp cloth, the wood must be dry and warm. This is the only way for the larvae to die on their own.

If the infested item is a small object, it can also be placed in the oven at 50 degrees Celsius for one hour. However, it is important to note that the wood can be damaged in the process. Alternatively, the freezer can help: icy cold works just as well against woodworms.

  1. Get rid of woodworms with acorns

What sounds unusual is an ingenious trick! Because apart from wood, the common nail beetle loves nothing more than acorns. So, if you have them available and don’t want to get rid of the little beetles, you can lay them out around the infested object. Now it’s just a matter of waiting for the worm to bite. Attracted by the smell, the woodworms will be drawn to the acorns. This can be recognized by the small holes that then appear. Once these are there, you can dispose of the acorns and lay out the next round. Keep doing this until the acorns have no more holes, at which point all the woodworms should have migrated.

  1. Get rid of woodworms with home remedies

Pungent odors are not liked by the pests. Therefore, remedies such as alcohol, vinegar essence and ammonia help to kill the larvae. However, this step is a danger not only for the woodworms, but also for the people who are also exposed to the smells. Therefore, protective clothing should be worn during treatment and proper ventilation should be provided. It would even be best to carry out the treatment outdoors. It is also best to test a small area to see if the wood can tolerate the treatment. In case of mild infestation, it may be sufficient to rub the wood with a sliced onion.

In case of a larger infestation, however, only experts may be able to help you. This is especially true if parts of the building are affected. Woodworms in the roof truss can cause dangerous damage and should be thoroughly combated. Then, for example, microwaves or gas are used.