When you’re on vacation, you have to live out of a suitcase, since you obviously can’t bring all your things from home. Even more, the hotel bathroom doesn’t always meet your personal hygiene standards. But don’t worry! We have some great tips to solve problems like wrinkled clothes during your hotel stay.

Not all hotel rooms are the same

Hotels are places where many different people take turns staying. While rooms are cleaned after each stay, there is often not enough time to clean every little corner. While studies show that the Corona pandemic has increased hygiene standards in hotels, caution should be exercised, especially in low-priced accommodations. Often there is also a lack of everyday things like an iron or a laundry service. For such emergencies we have 4 great lifehacks for you.

  1. Clean toothbrush in the hotel bathroom

Who wants to leave their clean toothbrush just like that on the sink? Either remember to bring your own toothbrush cup or use a clothespin and place the toothbrush in the following way. This will allow it to dry quickly and stay clean!

Alternative: No clothespin on hand? Then pierce the paper cup provided, turn it upside down and place your toothbrush inside. In this way, it stands stable and does not tip over.

  1. Change the bathing cap

Many hotels have a free bathing cap in the bathroom when you move in. Instead of using it to protect your hair, put your dirty shoes in it. This will prevent the rest of your luggage from getting dirty when you pack.

  1. Hotel bathroom without plug

A stain is in your clothes faster than you’d like. And if the “victim” is also your favorite shirt, you might get the idea to quickly wash it by hand. However, many hotel rooms don’t have drain plugs, so you’ll have to help yourself! To do this, place a large piece of plastic wrap over the drain and now stuff it down the pipe with some coins. Now stop the water from running down. When you are done, you can easily remove everything again.

By the way: Most hotels have heating rods as towel holders. Here you can dry the washed clothes very well.

  1. Ironing in the hotel bathroom

Already when unpacking you notice how wrinkled your favorite dress is? Of course, you don’t need to look for an iron in your hotel room. But what’s the point when there’s a simple solution to your problem: Hang your clothes in the shower so that the shower head can’t splash them wet. Now, when you run hot water, the resulting steam will make all the wrinkles disappear all by themselves.

Tip: To save unnecessary water, hang the affected garment in the hotel bathroom while you shower.

Valuable lifehacks to make your next hotel stay as smooth as possible.