4 Tips and Home Remedies to Remove Plantar Warts…

There are various ways to get rid of thorny warts: from home remedies for thorny warts to icing to thorny wart dressings – this article shows you which methods will help you get rid of thorny warts as quickly as possible.

Removing plantar warts

Because spiny warts are contagious, they need to be treated quickly. Otherwise, they can not only be transmitted to other people, but also proliferate on your own body.

What are plantar warts?

Plantar warts are transmitted by the human papillomavirus (HPV), which penetrates the skin through inconspicuous lesions. Most often, spiny warts form on the foot, where they grow inwards – like a thorn – and cause pain. It is therefore advisable to remove spiny warts.

What makes them contagious?

The viruses that cause spiny warts are highly resistant. Moist environments, such as pool floors or sweaty socks, make it easier for them to penetrate the skin. A weakened immune system makes it even easier for the skin to become infected.

Removing plantar warts: what are the methods?

Plantar warts are very stubborn. Left untreated, they often persist for months. Fortunately, however, there are a number of over-the-counter and home remedies available to treat spiny warts.

1. Home remedies for thorny warts

Home remedies for thorny warts are applied to the affected area, possibly secured with a compress. The home remedy is then left on overnight, and this step is repeated for several days.

Home remedies for thorny warts work by combining natural acids with anti-inflammatory and antiviral substances. These home remedies for thorny warts are tried and tested:

  • slice onion
  • garlic clove, halved
  • lemon juice
  • tea tree oil
  • vinegar
  • Saline solution

If you use one of these home remedies regularly, the thorny wart should disappear in about one to two weeks.

Some people also swear by adhesive tape to treat thorny warts. To do this, the thorny wart is covered with a piece of armoured tape after bathing. The tape is removed after six days. In the meantime, the layer of skin in which the wart has nestled is dead and can be removed with a pumice stone.

2. plasters for thorny warts

Plasters for thorny warts are available from drugstores and pharmacies – for example, the widely-used SOS Wart Plaster. On the one hand, it protects against the spread of the wart. On the other, the patch contains the active ingredient salicylic acid. A gentle way to remove thorny warts.

3. Icing thorny warts

If you want to get rid of thorny warts, you can also resort to a method that sounds very futuristic: cryotherapy. This involves freezing the thorny wart with an applicator. This treatment method may be a little more painful, but it’s also more effective than home remedies for thorny warts or a thorny wart dressing.

4. remove thorny warts with acid

Salicylic acid isn’t just a component of thorny wart dressings. It can also be applied directly with an applicator brush. In this way, the skin containing the thorny wart is removed layer by layer. Other preparations use chloroacetic acid or formic acid, which need to be applied a little less frequently, but work on the same principle.

When should I consult a doctor?

If, despite treatment, the thorny wart is still present after several weeks, a doctor should be consulted. The same applies if the thorny wart spreads and appears in other places.

In addition, there are certain at-risk groups who should, as a matter of principle, consult a doctor about having spiny warts removed. These include people suffering from :

  • diabetes
  • blood circulation disorders
  • a weak immune system and
  • wound-healing disorders.

It is also advisable to have children’s spiny warts treated by specialized personnel.

Spiny warts are annoying, but it is possible to do something about them. The best thing to do is to find out for yourself which remedy suits you best.