Oil stains on clothes are the most common, but also the most difficult to remove. Whether we’re tinkering with a car, eating a sandwich or cooking, we don’t miss a beat. You can say goodbye to stains on your clothes with this proven method. Found a particularly dirty piece of clothing and were tempted to throw it away out of spite? You should still try to save it.  For this we suggest a simple trick that will help you remove stubborn oil stains.

How to remove oil stains from our clothes?

Remove even the most stubborn oil stains is not impossible if you do it at the right time. In fact, the most important thing when it comes to removing an oil stain is to do it right away. If you keep this in mind, this method will undoubtedly save you.

  • Remove oil stains from your clothes with talcum powder and dishwashing liquid

In addition to the indispensable dishwashing liquid for removing all kinds of stains, baby powder comes into play as an absorbent. In this way, it has the cleaning effect expected from liquid soap. Start by sprinkling some talcum powder on the stained area, then rub a used toothbrush over the fabric. In a small container, prepare a mixture of a little water and a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid, then dip the soiled area in the solution.  Let it stand for 30 minutes or longer. At the end of this time, rub the area and rinse with cold water before drying. Repeat as needed, and if you don’t have baby powder, you can always turn to baking soda.

Other methods to remove oil stains from clothing

  • Chalk to remove oil stains from clothing

If you don’t have baking soda or baby powder, there is another type of powder that you probably won’t use here, and that is chalk. Just like the other two powders, chalk absorbs the oil. First dab off the excess oil with a clean rag, paper towel, or tissue, and then spread the chalk on the stained part of the garment. Leave on for a few minutes until the oil is absorbed, brush and machine wash without waiting. In another register, chalk is also an excellent repellent that helps to quickly get rid of ants at home.

  • Using hydrogen peroxide to remove oil stains from clothes

Oxygenated water, also known as hydrogen peroxide, removes all kinds of stains and brightens clothes. It is therefore a good alternative to bleaching. To remove stubborn stains, first wet the garment and then place it in the washing machine with half a cup of hydrogen peroxide. Then soak the garment in hydrogen peroxide for 1 hour. Then wash at a high temperature. You can also check the garment label to see if hot temperature is allowed. When the stain is gone, let the garment air dry.

What about old oil stains on clothing?

You are tired of getting the old oil stain off your clothes, and you are tempted to give up on it. However, despite this difficulty, it is possible to eliminate it by choosing the right commercial products.

Arrange your stained garment on a piece of cardboard to protect your work surface. Spray the product in a shallow container, then use a cotton swab soaked with the product on the dirty area and gently blot. Next, brush some baking soda onto the stain until you see a grainy substance. After removing the excess baking soda, apply a final layer of baking soda powder to the stain and brush again. Then remove the remaining baking soda. Finally, pour liquid black soap or homemade detergent on the stained area and scrub with a toothbrush. Leave it overnight and wash the next day as usual before air drying your garment.