Many houseplants can be placed outside in the fresh air during the summer. This not only makes the plants grow stronger, it also makes them more resistant to external influences. In addition, the plants beautify your balcony or terrace. Here you can find out which houseplants are allowed outside in the summer and what you need to bear in mind.

5 houseplants that you can put outside in summer

  1. Succulents

Whether money tree, agave, Goethe plant, elephant foot or living stones – you can put all these low-maintenance houseplants outside from May to September. Find a warm and above all bright location for the succulents. The plants cope well with direct sunlight and grow even stronger.

  1. Ferns

Some ferns also thrive in warmer weather out in the fresh air. These include maidenhair fern, deer’s tongue fern and spotted fern. It’s best to choose a more shady or semi-shady location for ferns on your balcony or patio. Make sure that the substrate does not dry out and water the ferns regularly. However, you should better protect these houseplants from strong winds and summer thunderstorms. When the temperature drops below 18 °F, it is time to bring the ferns back inside.

  1. Aloe vera

You can put the Aloe vera outside from June. Find it a spot that is as sunny as possible, because similar to succulents, this houseplant also benefits from a lot of sunlight. Always keep the substrate moist and make sure that it does not dry out. In September at the latest, you should bring the aloe vera back into your home, otherwise it will get too cold.

  1. Bow hemp

This easy-to-care-for houseplant can be put outside from June to August. However, keep an eye on the thermometer: As soon as temperatures drop below 5 °F, you should bring it back inside. Choose a sunny location for the plant on the balcony or terrace.

  1. Yucca palm

The yucca palm benefits from a place in the fresh air during the summer months. However, the indoor plant is very sensitive to direct sunlight and strong wind. So, place the yucca palm better in a shady and wind-protected location.

Which houseplants should not be placed outside?

In addition to these plants, countless other houseplants can be placed on the balcony or terrace in the summer. However, always find out in advance about the light and heat requirements of the respective plant in order to find a suitable location for it. However, there are also plants that react much more sensitively to heat, sun or a change of location. It’s best not to put these houseplants outside in the summer:

  • Aralia
  • Bromeliads
  • Arrowroot
  • Cobweed
  • Leaf begonias
  • Coffee bush
  • Ivy
  • Basket marante

By the way, the plants that you put on the balcony or terrace in the summer do not require special care. Just make sure to water them regularly. In direct sunlight in summer, the soil dries out faster outside than in a sheltered room. Most houseplants do not have a problem with summer rain or downpours, as long as the rain is not accompanied by strong winds. However, the rainwater should be able to drain off well so that no waterlogging forms.

Just give your plants some time to get used to the new location. If they haven’t acclimated well after a few weeks, you can always bring them back in.