You notice a stain in the kitchen and want to get rid of it quickly? Many people reach for a piece of kitchen roll at such a moment. But this can have serious consequences. Here are 5 reasons why using kitchen roll is not always a good idea.

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It’s handy, quick to have on hand, and seemingly indispensable when cleaning the kitchen. But beware! Behind the supposedly innocent roll of paper lurk some unpleasant surprises. For these 5 reasons you should rather do without kitchen roll:

  1. kitchen roll scratches silverware

Your fancy silverware is an eye-catcher on any dining table, but using kitchen roll to clean it can have nasty consequences. The coarse texture of the paper can leave unwanted scratches on the delicate surface of your cutlery. Instead of kitchen paper, it’s better to use microfiber cloths or special silver cleaning cloths. This way, your cutlery will stay shiny and you will avoid annoying scratches.

  1. kitchen roll degreases oiled wood

There is nothing more beautiful than a well-maintained wooden surface in the kitchen. But here you should be careful: The kitchen roll harms namely the oiled wood. Their fibers soak up the valuable oil and thus deprive the wood surface of the necessary care. Instead, use a soft cloth or sponge to keep the wood looking its best.

  1. kitchen roll can break knives

You don’t want your favorite knife to end up in the dishwasher, so you wipe off the mess with a paper towel? Not a good idea, because the sharp blade can easily cut through the paper and thus also quickly hurt your fingers. Rather use a sponge or a slightly thicker cloth. Your fingers will thank you!

  1. kitchen roll is not environmentally friendly

The constant use of kitchen roll is not only bad for your wallet, but also for our environment. Countless trees are cut down to make the paper, which often ends up in the trash after only a short use. There are more environmentally friendly alternatives such as reusable microfiber cloths or rags made of organic cotton that can be easily washed and thus reduce the mountains of waste.

  1. kitchen roll contains many chemicals

Bleach and other chemicals are often used in the production of kitchen roll. These residues can come into contact with your food and thus unintentionally enter your body. To protect your family’s health, it is advisable to resort to natural cleaning options.

Even if it’s quick and easy, kitchen roll is not always the best option for cleaning the kitchen. Rather, use reusable rags for a gentle clean. This is safer and also protects the environment.