By a weekly maintenance cleaning we mean those cleaning tasks that are repeated in a certain period of time. In this case, the period is set for a week. It helps to keep the apartment in a basic clean condition. What areas you should clean at least once a week, you will learn in this article.

How often you need to clean your apartment depends on how much the different areas are used and get dirty accordingly. For example, it is enough to descale the kitchen appliances only once a month. The washing machine also only needs to be cleaned thoroughly once a month. Other areas, on the other hand, should be cleaned more regularly. Which part of the apartment you should clean weekly and how to go about it, we explain below.

  1. Vacuum at least once a week

On the floor, crumbs, hair and dust gather within a week. At least once a week, you should remove the dirt with a vacuum cleaner. However, this does not mean a tired back and forth, but thorough vacuuming – also behind and under the cabinet. Dust and dirt also collect there.

If there are several people or animals in the household, it may be advisable to vacuum at least large areas several times a week. The same applies to carpeting. Carpet cannot be cleaned as well as laminate, for example, and should be vacuumed more often for this reason.

  1. Floor mopping

In addition to vacuuming, mopping the floor is also one of the tasks that should be done weekly. You can do without chemical cleaning agents here. It is enough to add vinegar essence to the mopping water. This not only removes any germs, it is also safe for children and pets.

Water and wood are not a good combination, because the organic material can swell due to moisture. For this reason, you should wet a natural wood floor as little as possible. So, it is necessary to refrain from weekly mopping of the floor. It is better to clean the floor only with a broom and a vacuum cleaner. Of course, even on a natural wood floor stains appear, which cannot be removed dry. Therefore, once a month you can mop the wooden floor damp. This means wringing out the mop well. Vinegar is also the ideal cleaner here, because it cleans, disinfects and additionally makes the wood supple.

  1. Clean the bathroom weekly

One of the rooms that gets dirty the fastest is the bathroom. As you care for your own body, skin particles, hair, soap residue and other agents end up on the floor, sink and shower. Combined with high humidity, this makes the bathroom the ideal place for mold to grow. So, if you do not clean the bathroom regularly and thoroughly, it can have harmful consequences for your health.

Ideally, one should manage to clean the bathroom on a weekly basis. Vinegar cleaner, baking soda or baking powder, soft soap or chlorine-based cleaners are suitable for this purpose. The latter is necessary if you already discover the first black spots in the corners and joints. The mold should not be ignored but removed in the fastest way. In addition to the weekly routine, it is recommended to clean the toilet and sink also several times a week.

  1. Cleaning the kitchen once a week

Hygiene is especially important in the kitchen, where germs and bacteria multiply in no time. Especially the sugar-rich ready meals are an ideal breeding ground for germs. For this reason, you should clean the kitchen about once a week. In addition, coarse food residues should be removed immediately. Cleaning can be done, for example, with vinegar essence diluted with warm water and a simple cloth.

  1. Do not forget doors and handles

When cleaning, inconspicuous places in the apartment are often overlooked. These include the door handles and the door itself. In doing so, you touch them several times a day and then spread the germs throughout the rest of the apartment. For this reason, you should clean the doors and doorknobs at least once a week. A disinfectant and a soft cloth are suitable for this purpose.

What to do every two weeks

The weekly cleaning routine includes some tasks that only need to be done every two weeks or so. This includes, for example, making the bed. Dander, hair and sweat collect in the bedding – the ideal habitat for mites. Therefore, the rule is to provide the bed with fresh bed linen about every two weeks. Allergy sufferers and people who perspire heavily are exempt from this rule. Here it is recommended to change the bed linen more often.

If pets live in the apartment, it is also advisable to remove hair from upholstered furniture about every two weeks. For this purpose, is suitable not only the vacuum cleaner with special attachments, but also rubber gloves. With them you can wipe the surfaces of the sofa and thus remove the pet hair.