Choose the right time to plant strawberries

It is important to choose the right time to plant strawberries so that they can grow well and produce beautiful fruit. Generally, strawberries are planted in the spring when the soil is still a little cool and temperatures become milder. However, it is possible to plant strawberries a little earlier, in February or March, if you use a heated shelter or live in an area with relatively mild winters. Once you have decided on the perfect time to plant your strawberries, it is important to prepare the soil properly.

Prepare the soil well beforehand

For the successful cultivation of strawberries, it is important to prepare the soil well beforehand. In fact, this plant requires a soil rich in organic matter to develop properly. Therefore, it is necessary to think about the addition of compost or natural fertilizer already at the time of planting. In addition, strawberries like light and permeable soil. If your soil is too compact, think about drilling a few holes in it to facilitate air and water circulation. Don’t forget to add sand to the soil if you want a nice crop of juicy fruit!

Choose the right variety of strawberries

Choosing the right strawberry variety is crucial to achieve the best results and fully enjoy the taste of these fruits. Evergreen strawberries are more common because they bear fruit for years and are rich in flavor. Old and modern varieties also offer a variety of flavors and are easy to grow. Also very popular are the delicious wild strawberries and Mara des Bois.

Watch out for strawberry pests

Pests can quickly infest a plant and cause severe damage. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps you can take to prevent or eliminate strawberry pests. First, check your strawberry plants regularly for signs of infestation. Strawberry pests leave visible damage on leaves and fruit. If you see holes or spots on the leaves, this may indicate the presence of pests. If you notice that some fruit has been damaged or fallen off before ripening, this could be a sign of a strawberry pest infestation. You can install protective netting around your garden to prevent adult pests from entering to protect your plants. Finally, clean your garden thoroughly by removing any that have been infested by pests to prevent them from reproducing and continuing to invade your plants.

Remove weeds regularly

To have beautiful strawberries in your garden, you need to remove weeds regularly. This will allow the strawberries to grow well and produce beautiful fruit.

In summary, you must first choose a sunny place to plant strawberries. Next, prepare the soil by adding compost or manure. During the growing season, it is important to water the plants well every day. Once the plants begin to bear fruit, strawberries should be picked regularly to prevent them from becoming overripe. Fruit should be stored in a cool place and consumed quickly.