Planning a trip and want to take your beloved jewelry with you on vacation? Stowing jewelry properly can be a real challenge when packing your suitcase. But don’t worry! We’ve put together 5 unbeatable tips for you to protect your valuable jewelry in the best possible way while traveling. Want some tricks and life hacks to make life easier? Here you go! (Scroll down for the article).

Packing suitcases: 5 tips to properly stow jewelry

With these simple, yet effective methods, you can safely stow your jewelry and explore the world worry-free! To keep your jewelry safe and tidy when packing your suitcase, all you need are small containers and a few simple household items.

  1. Straw

Thread one chain through each straw so that the chains don’t get knotted.

  1. Towel

If you want to pack several chains, you can also carefully roll them up in a towel.

  1. Cling film

Alternatively, you can wrap your jewelry in plastic wrap when packing your suitcase.

  1. Small boxes

Smaller pieces of jewelry, on the other hand, can be stored well in tablet boxes.

  1. Buttons

Knotted necklaces or lost rings and earrings are a thing of the past. If you put small earrings on buttons, they will definitely not get lost during your trip.

If you follow these tips when packing your suitcase, you can concentrate fully on your vacation and be sure that your valuable jewelry will survive the trip undamaged and complete.