In order for the dryer to do its job properly and save as much energy as possible, it needs to be cleaned regularly. Find out here how it works and what you need to bear in mind.

If you follow the following 6 tips, your tumble dryer will look like new again in no time at all.

6 tips for cleaning the dryer

1. clean the lint filter

The fluff filter collects tiny pieces of fabric that detach from the laundry with every drying process. If the fluff is not removed regularly, there is an acute risk of fire. The dryer screen should therefore be cleaned after every use.

It is best to use a soft brush or simply your hands to remove the fluff. If you moisten your fingers a little, cleaning will be easy. The lint filter is located either directly in the door of the dryer or on the underside of the drum. For particularly thorough cleaning, you can rinse it with clear water and dry it with a cloth before replacing it.

Take the opportunity to clean the area around the fluff filter at the same time.

2. empty the water tank

The moisture from the laundry is collected in a water container during the drying process. This should be emptied completely after each use. To do this, carefully pull it out of the dryer. Empty the water container and replace it.

3. cleaning the drum

There are sensors in the drum of the dryer that check the moisture of the laundry. Over time, however, limescale, dirt and fluff build up here. To ensure that the freshly washed laundry is really dry, both the sensors and the dryer drum must be cleaned regularly.

To do this, mix some vinegar with water in a bowl and take a cleaning cloth. Dip the cloth in the vinegar mixture and clean the humidity sensors first and then the rest of the drum and the door. Make sure that the sensitive rubber seals on the door do not come into contact with the vinegar water. It is best to use only water and a dash of washing-up liquid.

4. clean the housing

Also use the cloth and the vinegar mixture to clean the housing of the dryer. Lint and house dust can also accumulate here.

5. cleaning the condenser dryer

If you have a condenser dryer, you should clean the heat exchanger (also known as the air cooler or condenser) every three months or so. It is responsible for removing moisture from the air in the drum. The operating instructions will tell you where to find this part on your appliance and how to remove it.

Over time, fluff, hair and other dirt will accumulate here too. Use a damp cloth, a sponge or carefully spray the heat exchanger with the shower head to clean it. Take the opportunity to wipe out the chamber in which the heat exchanger is located. Then dry the heat exchanger thoroughly and finally replace it.

6. Cleaning the heat pump dryer

In a heat pump dryer, the air produced during the drying process is reused with the help of a so-called heat pump. Depending on how often the dryer is used, this should be cleaned every four to twelve weeks. In most cases, the heat pump is located behind a flap on the outside of the dryer.

Carefully clean the fins of the pump with a soft brush and remove all lint from the surrounding surfaces. Some models also have a filter in front of the heat pump. It is best to clean the filter at the same time. Use a soft brush or rinse it thoroughly under clean water.

Regular cleaning of the dryer is important in order to save energy, give the appliance a long service life and, above all, to reduce the risk of fire to a minimum. How often do you clean your tumble dryer?