Mosquitoes not only bother us constantly at home, but they are also bloodsuckers that bite us and leave nasty pink spots on our skin. Some of them can even transmit viruses. No question about letting them live with us! Even though they are more common in hot weather, some still visit us in the winter.

Tired of the stings and the annoying buzzing that keeps you awake? It’s time to get rid of these undesirables. If you don’t like chemical insect repellents, some natural methods prove to be very effective in keeping mosquitoes away from your home. Be sure to test them out!

Why do mosquitoes come to your home?

Mosquitoes usually breed in bodies of water and in unsanitary environments. However, these insects are best known for being particularly attracted to human blood and body odors. Since they sometimes invade the house, you need to know how to get rid of them once and for all. If you want to protect the environment and not use toxic substances, you can easily keep them out of your field of vision thanks to some very easily accessible natural ingredients. You should know that mosquitoes have a very keen sense of smell and certain scents literally scare them away.

Here are the most suitable remedies to repel them:

  1. Geranium

Geranium is a very popular beautiful plant that beautifies terraces and balconies. But it also has the peculiarity of repelling insects, especially mosquitoes that cannot stand the smell. Why not bring a touch of floral decoration to your interior? Go for a charming geranium composition: put it in a well-lit and sunny place to intensify its fragrance and keep all those pests away.

  1. Lemon and cinnamon

This is a very powerful and effective duo that will quickly drive mosquitoes out of your home. All you need is a lemon and some cinnamon. Cut the citrus fruit in half, sprinkle the slices with some cinnamon and place them on the oven rack. Do not close the oven door and bake for 5 minutes. Then turn off the oven. Leave the door open and go to bed. The next morning, you’ll notice that there are no more insects roaming around the house, neither mosquitoes nor flies. As a bonus, a lemony and refreshing scent will fill your interior.

  1. Coffee grounds

Are you a coffee lover? Don’t throw away the grounds, they also serve to repel mosquitoes. This method is very effective, especially if you have a terrace. Put the coffee grounds on aluminum foil and place it in a flowerpot. Once it is dry, light it with a match. The smoke will give off a very unpleasant odor to insects: they can’t stand it and won’t come around.

  1. Aromatic herbs

Many herbs have the power to drive away those pesky little buggers. In question, their scent is so delicate for us, but so repulsive for mosquitoes. Thus, peppermint, lemongrass, verbena, thyme or even basil are excellent for driving away these undesirables. In pots, on the windowsill or on the balcony, this trick is perfect to stop the insect infestation. Also rely on the intense essential oils that you can spray in certain places in the house.

  1. Lemon and vinegar

Mosquitoes do not like the smell of lemon, let alone vinegar. Their intense smell is an infallible insect repellent, so imagine the combination of the two ingredients. You’re guaranteed to get rid of them in no time! Cut a few slices of lemon, moisten them with vinegar and place them in vases or on the windowsill. Alternatively, you can make a mixture of these two ingredients and spray it on plants and window frames. You will be delighted with the result!

  1. Eucalyptus

Finally, even the scent of eucalyptus leaves instantly repels mosquitoes and other pesky insects. Just burn a few herbs and let the smoke spread throughout the house. You’ll definitely get rid of it! You can also prepare a decoction of eucalyptus leaves: The scent of steam will effectively protect your home from insects.