In this article we will show you how you can clean your home with salt to avoid the use of chemical products.

Salt is not only an indispensable seasoning in the kitchen, but also a versatile helper in the household. With its abrasive, disinfectant and often chemical properties, salt can also be used in different ways when cleaning your home. Here are some tips on how you can use the spice in your household.

Salt in the home: how to use it

How you can use the spice in the household for cleaning, we show you here.

  1. Stain remover

Do you have stains on your countertop or kitchen floor? Simply mix salt with a little water to a paste and apply it to the stain. Now rub this mixture gently and then rinse it off thoroughly. The abrasive action of the salt will help remove the stain.

  1. Rust remover

Rusty appliances? Combine salt with lemon juice, apply the mixture to rusty spots, let it sit for a few minutes, then scrub with a brush. Also rinse this mixture thoroughly afterwards to remove the rust. This way, you’ve easily cleaned your equipment without any chemical products.

  1. Cleaner for copper and silver

To clean copper and silver products, you can simply rub a mixture of salt, vinegar or lemon juice on the tarnished silver or copper. Rinse and polish the items after you let it soak to give them a new shine.

  1. Drain cleaning

Clogged drain? Salt can help here too! Simply pour a mixture of salt and hot water down your clogged drain, as the salt will help unclog and unclog the drain.

  1. Glass cleaning

To clean glass with salt, you can make a paste of salt and water. Simply apply this paste to the dirty glass and rub it gently with a cloth or sponge. The salt acts as a natural abrasive and removes dirt and stains. Then rinse thoroughly with water.

  1. Cleaning sponges

You can effectively clean sponges with salt by soaking them in a salt solution. Simply mix a few tablespoons of salt in warm water until it dissolves and soak the sponge in it. After a few hours of soaking, rinse the sponge and it should be fresh and clean.