You rely on your oven to roast your chicken, crisp your potatoes, and brown your rolls. This household appliance makes your life so much easier! The only drawback is that food residues and grease deposits on the cooktop, grates and walls encourage you to clean your oven thoroughly. A task that is essential and that you cannot avoid. Fortunately, there are natural ingredients that can assist you in this thorough cleaning task. Interested? We’ll take stock for you!

Why is oven cleaning important?

Meat juices, splashes of sauce and fat, cheese crusts, drops of melted chocolate … All these elements please your palate, but please your oven! As a result, grease deposits, dirty walls and burnt smell are inevitable. Therefore, to eat healthy, it is necessary to carefully clean the oven. Light up! We bring good natural products and a little grease to fight this dirt. We will tell you more…

How to clean a dirty oven thoroughly with natural products?

The great thing about natural tips is that they do not require special skills or advanced techniques to remove grease stains and return the oven to its original shine. In addition, they use only organic and accessible ingredients. For all these reasons, imagine that you no longer have an excuse not to get your hands dirty and tackle this dirt with good humor too! Without further delay, let’s discover them.

White vinegar

You probably think that cleaning the oven is pointless until you take a look at the dirt that accumulates inside … And then you decide to devote a special and regular ritual to it without fail! Therefore, thanks to its acetic acid content, we consider white vinegar an impeccable ally against stubborn grease stains! In fact, this acidic solution is known for its antibacterial properties and also for its ability to soften grease effortlessly. To make your oven spotless like the first day, let’s follow these steps:

  1. We start by removing the inner grates to free the oven.
  2. Mix half a glass of white vinegar with 1 quart of water and pour the mixture into a spray bottle;
  3. Spray the mixture on all the dirty surfaces of the oven;
  4. We insist on the grates, the plates, the side walls, as well as the bottom of the oven, which absorbs all the burnt food residues;
  5. The product is left to act overnight to dissolve encrusted dirt.
  6. The next morning, rub vigorously with a brush or rinsing sponge all the surface softened by the white vinegar;
  7. Rinse the stove with a sponge soaked in clean water;
  8. We wipe with a rather dry cloth until the surface glistens;
  9. Before we finish, we also enjoy the windows and the oven door with a few generous pschitts, polishing them with newspaper and voila!

Baking powder

  1. A few drops of water are added to a cup of baking powder to form a paste.
  2. The paste is applied to the oven plate and all greased areas;
  3. We leave it on all night;
  4. In the morning, rinse with a damp sponge;
  5. The plate is left to air dry.

Extra tip: You can also use baking soda and white vinegar in the same recipe:

  1. First sprinkle a cup of baking soda on the previously moistened, greased areas.
  2. You let the powder sit for a few hours;
  3. Next, spray on the white vinegar. Then a chemical reaction takes place, which removes all the dirt.
  4. We rub, rinse and dry and ready!

Cooking salt

  1. First, dampen the soiled areas with a damp cloth.
  2. Cover the entire baking tray with table salt;
  3. Heat the apparatus to 120 °F;
  4. Turn it off as soon as the salt turns brown and wait for it to cool down.
  5. We sweep the salt soaked with grease with a brush or dry sponge;
  6. Wipe the inside of the oven with a cloth soaked in water and detergent or Marseille soap before rinsing it with a damp cloth.
  7. We dry and air as usual and it’s over!

Lemon juice

  1. We collect the juice of 2 to 3 lemons and pour it into a spray bottle;
  2. Add a cup of water to the bottle and shake the mixture well.
  3. We rub the windows, the sides and the grids with a used toothbrush or a dish brush;
  4. We rinse and give a sponge sponge;
  5. We admire the result and especially the smell!

In addition, this trick works great after preparing smelly dishes like fish. Apply it simply like this:

  1. Set up an airtight, oven-proof dish or bowl with high sides, filled with three parts lemon juice and one part water.
  2. Heat it at 355 °F for 30 minutes. The steam released softens the dirt inside the oven ;
  3. After cooling, wipe with a sponge to remove the softened grease from the plates, sides and oven racks;
  4. The acid mixture can be used to scrub the interior walls;
  5. We polish the windows with newspaper. And that’s all!

The clay stone

This ingredient is considered an excellent degreaser and polisher , which removes layers of grease. We take advantage of this by using it in the following way:

  1. Soak a damp sponge with some claystone;
  2. Rub vigorously all the areas to be degreased;
  3. Rinse with clean water;
  4. We dry and air.

The beauty of this trick is that the clay stone comes out as a hard paste that can be used immediately. Your turn!

Black soap

Before you ruin yourself by buying chemical degreasers that supposedly work wonders, do not hesitate to resort to a natural ingredient that is extremely effective against grease deposits. Guessed? It’s black soap, obviously!  It’s necessary for this:

  1. Treat encrusted surfaces with a sponge soaked in a soapy solution of one quart of lukewarm water and one tablespoon of liquid black soap.
  2. Ruthlessly scrub away the dirt that bothers you.
  3. Rinse, dry and air. Welcome shine!


What better than soapy water to gently degrease your oven? This is the promise soap, this all-purpose product that no kitchen cabinet should be without! To do this:

  1. Put a tablespoon of liquid soap in a bucket with a quart of warm water.
  2. Dip a dish brush into the soapy water mixture.
  3. Scrub the dirty areas;
  4. Rinse with clean water and dry with a soft cloth;
  5. Leave the oven door open for maximum ventilation.

Baking soda or baking powder

  1. In a bowl, form a homogeneous paste of 10 teaspoons of baking soda and water;
  2. The paste is applied to the inner side walls of the oven;
  3. The material is left to act for half a day;
  4. Rub gently with a damp sponge;
  5. Rinse with clean water;
  6. Wipe the walls to remove the moisture.

How to protect the inside of the oven with the trick baking paper?

Baking paper is an indispensable accessory in the kitchen and protects our oven from dirt and grease splatters.

  1. It keeps food from sticking to the oven plate while cooking (we’re thinking of those juicy roasted potatoes).
  2. It prevents sauces from dripping onto the grease pan, protecting your oven from food residue that burns ten times during cooking;
  3. It saves you from having to wash your cooktop every time you reheat a quick dish. Yes, lazy people love it! Now you know what to add to your shopping cart!

How do I remove burnt-on grease from the stove glass?

Good dishes don’t go unnoticed because it’s the oven windows that get grease splatters. We suggest you fix this problem by opting for one of the tips above, specifically white vinegar, lemon juice or black soap, and most importantly, using newspaper to polish the glass and remove any charred residue.  Shine guaranteed!

How to pickle a dirty oven in a natural way?

Now you know that cleaning the oven is an independent household task that should not be pushed to the background! It depends on promising natural ingredients and, above all, on your zeal and discipline. Therefore, regardless of which natural solution you have chosen, be sure to scrupulously follow this comprehensive ritual, which will certainly guarantee the longevity and proper functioning of your oven.