Almost everyone has one at home and for many of us, it is considered an all-purpose household weapon: the paper towel. In fact, paper towels are often used on occasions for which they are not intended or suitable. We’ll explain what these things are below.

What are kitchen rolls made of?

Kitchen paper (kitchen paper rolls) is made from wood fibers (in the case of recycled paper towel rolls, waste paper fibers) to which certain chemicals are added which ensure that the paper does not does not dissolve so quickly. Kitchen paper is extremely absorbent and sturdy – so it’s no wonder it’s so popular.

However, you should always think twice before using paper towels, as they only seem to be universally applicable and may be unsuitable or even harmful in the following cases.

Objects scratched by paper towels

Although paper towels are soft to the touch, their fibers are very strong and can cause abrasion or scratches on surfaces when cleaning. This particularly affects the following 5 items.

1. Precious metal

Paper towels leave fine scratches on precious metals like silver. In the article Cleaning silverware: 4 tips and 4 maintenance mistakes, you will find out how to clean it correctly.

2. Glasses

Especially with plastic glasses, paper towels are taboo if you don’t want to risk annoying scratches. Instead, you should use another method to clean the glasses.

3. Camera Lens

It is best to clean camera lenses with a soft cotton cloth rather than paper towels.

4. Screen

Screens of all kinds (such as televisions, smartphones and laptops) also do not tolerate paper towels. Here you can use screen cleaning cloths or smartphone cleaning cloths.

5. Mirror

If you clean a mirror with paper towels, it may become “blind.”

Other Things Paper Towel Is Not Suitable For

Although paper towels are unsuitable for some things due to their strength, they are too absorbent or too soft for others.

6. Oiled wood

Paper towels are not suitable for wiping oiled surfaces, as they remove the protective oil layer at the same time.

7. Knife

Kitchen paper is problematic for cleaning knives because it tears quickly and the risk of injury increases.

8. Carpet

You should also avoid paper towels when cleaning carpets. As soon as you try to erase a stain, the paper tears and gets stuck in the carpet in the form of lint that must be removed with a vacuum cleaner.

9. Why paper towels don’t replace toilet paper

Even if you cut it into manageable pieces, paper towels are definitely not a replacement for toilet paper. It doesn’t just clog your own toilet: entire sewage systems are also affected because the paper clumps into solid strands which get stuck in sewage pumps and paralyze them.

Alternatives to paper towels:

Kitchen paper is so comfortable, that’s why many of us don’t want to do without it. In fact, the alternatives are just as easy to use and cheaper. Most of the time you already have them at home anyway. We are talking about tea towels and terry cloths or cotton cloths. There are very few cases where these two cannot help you and you should do the following:

  • Used towels or newspapers are suitable for wiping greasy pans or pots.
  • The meat can be dabbed with recycled absorbent paper (recognizable by the “Blue Angel” environmental label).
  • The following articles will show you that paper towels aren’t the only seemingly essential household item for which there are better, more environmentally friendly alternatives (which aren’t even that new). Finally, you will receive suggestions for durable and beautiful gifts.