Disenchantment is the lifting of a spell that has been cast on a person or a family. Disenchantment consists of freeing a person from the influence of occult works (black magic, witchcraft, voodoo magic) so that he finds a healthy state of mind and a balanced life energy by regaining all his human faculties. Disillusionment helps to cleanse the body and mind of a person who has fallen victim to a spell or self-enchantment.

To find out if you are bewitched or not:

Place a pile of salt in each corner of the room where you sleep. Check the next day to see if one or more piles have changed color. If so, put the piles that have changed color in a bucket of bath water. Use this water to wash yourself properly. If there is no color change, put the 4 piles in a jar and throw it out of the house.

Here is a great natural secret to find out if your room is haunted or if there is a curse or spell lurking around you. To clear out the parasitic vibes that have accumulated in your room or to ward off bad luck or curses, there is actually a natural trick using cloves to get rid of anything negative. Here’s how to undo your spell with cloves:

Ingredients :

  • Carnation

Preparation :

  • Crush the clove until it becomes a fine powder.

How to:

  • Add a small amount of this powder to your bath water once a day for 7 days (women) and 9 days (men).