The bathroom is a part of the house that always holds a few little surprises for us! Think, for example, of limescale, halos, or the smell of sewage that is suddenly noticeable from the drains, especially the shower drain. How to solve these little problems that are encountered on a daily basis? The answer is very simple, just a cup of vinegar and the bathroom will be as good as new!


Let’s start with limescale, the one that just never fails! As careful as we can be every day to remove it and not let it build up, we always see it in even the smallest area of the bathroom. Vinegar is a limescale remover par excellence, so don’t worry, there is a simple and effective solution! You will simply need to put 1 cup of vinegar in a vaporizer, add half a cup of water and spray the mixture on all affected areas. Scrub with a sponge, then leave for 2 minutes and then rinse with plenty of water.


Limescale is not the only culprit of major problems found inside the bathroom, mold also plays its part. Especially in times of high humidity we find it in particular areas such as the shower, walls and often even on tile joints. Coming to our rescue is our dear vinegar, which with its cleaning effectiveness manages to send this type of dirt away as well. You will have to dip a cloth in a cup with vinegar and dab it on the mold several times, then leave it for at least 10 minutes. Next go and rub very gently to remove the rest of the stain and there you go!

Bad odors

Have you ever walked into the bathroom and found that unbearable sewer smell? To the latter, then you can also add bad odors of damp, stuffy, musty, and so on. To eliminate them all permanently, all you have to do is use a cup of vinegar, and I’ll tell you how right now! This smell usually comes from the drains, so fill a bucket with very hot water and pour a cup of vinegar inside. Afterwards, distribute the water from the bucket to all the drains and leave it overnight, the next day you will have no more bad smells!

Yellow halos

Yellow halos are those streaks of lime scale generally found in the toilet bowl. They are the result of all the water from the drain running independently of the flushers, which, in the long run, generates this type of stain. Vinegar is one of the best natural remedies to say goodbye to this very recurring problem! You will need to put 1 cup of vinegar and the juice of 1 lemon in a vaporizer, then spray on the areas to be treated and leave for several hours. Afterwards all you have to do is scrub with a broom and that’s it!

Clogged drains

Now let’s move on to clogged drains, another tough nut to crack! Sometimes specific interventions by experienced people are needed, but when the clogging is from too much limestone and small objects not going down, vinegar comes to our rescue. You will need to put one and half cups of it in a bucket with boiling water and pour it down the clogged drain. Let it act for a few hours, then you can rinse.

Black corners

Let’s get to the issue that plagues us most in the bathroom, black corners! Whether they are on the floor or in the shower (an area much affected by this issue), they are always unsightly! So, we just have to clean them up by putting some vinegar directly on the affected areas and leave it for a few hours. Then go and scrub with a toothbrush very gently and rinse. Goodbye black corners!


I remind you that vinegar should absolutely not be put on materials such as marble or natural stone. I also recommend always trying it on a hidden corner.