Put an end to mosquitoes thanks to this powerful, all-natural repellent. It’s an easy-to-make insecticide, that’s what it’s all about.

We’ve been waiting a long time, wishing for it, expecting it, and now the summer season is officially here. Summer is one of the most popular seasons of all: its arrival symbolizes the beginning of long evenings spent in company, travel, sea, vacation and fun. This is the time to live life with an added dash of light-heartedness. There are so many positive aspects of this time of year; It’s like it’s a moment of rebirth where we find ourselves outside of the daily work routine.

Break the cycle of daily boredom and devote more time to the joys of life. Because like everything else in life, there are also negative sides, although less important. One of them is the intense heat, which can cause problems even for people with low blood pressure. But the most annoying problem of all are insects and mosquitoes. With the heat they also come and invade our gardens, our rooms and our houses. Mosquito bites can also have dangerous consequences for physical health.

Fortunately, there are many ways to keep mosquitoes away. There are dozens of products available in supermarkets to eliminate and remove them. However, all these commercial products consist of chemical and toxic ingredients. If we have to make the air we breathe toxic to keep mosquitoes away, it’s probably not worth it. Today we explain how you can fix the problem by using a natural product.

Eliminate the problem with the right products – protect yourself and your loved ones

As mentioned above, the insecticides that we find on the market are rich in extremely harmful and toxic substances. These are mostly chemical commercial products made with dangerous ingredients that kill insects by poisoning. Their use has a number of negative consequences in several respects: They do not make the air in our house breathable, they pollute the environment, they do not prevent the problem. If we use these insecticide sprays at home, we can cause problems for our pets and small children. The respiratory tract is not ready for the inhalation of certain vaporized substances.

A factor that should not be neglected is the environmental pollution caused by both the evaporation of harmful substances and the disposal of these sprays. Moreover, the use of insecticides does not prevent the problem at all. On the contrary, it solves the problem only when the beetles appear, killing them in a rather cruel way. There is no more correct and effective method than prevention. Preventing the problem means not having to fix it. Below we explain what ingredient you should use to prevent mosquitoes from appearing. Here you will learn what you can no longer do without.

Use this natural repellent and say goodbye to mosquitoes

Mosquito bites are certainly annoying, but they can also become dangerous if they are tiger mosquitoes. The tiger mosquito is considered a vector of diseases: through their bite they can transmit some viruses. It is very important to prevent their occurrence to protect ourselves and the people we love, we cannot know the consequences of a simple bite. By far the most effective method is to use a repellent that can be made in two minutes. These are natural ingredients, from which mosquitoes keep away.

To combine you need a few simple ingredients: 1 cup of apple cider vinegar, 1 cup of water and a few drops of lavender essential oil. Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid, a substance that causes irritation and annoyance to mosquitoes. Their receptors are very sensitive and react to the sharp, unpleasant smell of vinegar. When we vaporize this solution on the skin or in the environment, it acts as a barrier, making it difficult for mosquitoes to approach and bite. The scent of lavender, very pleasant for us, is unbearable for mosquitoes.

With this simple solution you can be sure: no insects come near you, and you no longer have to spend money on harmful products.