This is the most important ingredient to sprinkle in any flowerpots you have at home to have beautiful and fragrant flowers.

For the care of plants there are many natural remedies, among them spices come into question as allies. If you want to have a flower garden or a colorful balcony, a certain ingredient can definitely make the difference at any time of the day. It is mainly used to fight parasites and to counteract the infestation of all kinds of diseases: Let’s find out together what expert gardeners use?

Spices for plants: Do they work?

Expert gardeners always advise not to use chemical products, but to rely as much as possible on ingredients of natural origin. For example, spices are used as flavor enhancers for food or for daily well-being, but their properties are highly recommended for beautiful and healthy plants. A special ingredient is used to fight any kind of parasites, which is poured directly on the soil to give the plant the protection it needs.

Only one ingredient in each pot for healthy and beautiful plants

The natural ingredient that is used by professionals in the industry and also recommended for home use is mustard powder. This natural ingredient, widely used in cooking, is a true ally for plant care. Its formulation is rich in properties and benefits, for example, to defeat the parasites that infest the plant to death. Mustard is not toxic or chemical, so its insecticidal action is not dangerous to other living things.

Its use is very simple, in fact, a single spoonful for each vase is enough to pour directly on the ground. Immediately after, loosen the soil and make sure that the mustard is absorbed before watering as usual. An action that must be done once a month to protect the plant from parasites and slugs that attack it at any time of year.

For gardeners, this is a natural fertilizer that can be used always and for all plants. Among its properties is a development of benefits that nourish the plant from root to leaf or used in spring as compost for a healthy and vigorous flowering. This is an ingredient known to be rich in nitrogen and phosphorus, essential for fruit and flowering plants.

It is used to counteract the massive onslaught of ants, not only on plants but also on vegetables such as tomatoes and cucumbers. Also excellent against the most invasive parasites or slugs that can feed on the sap of the plant until it dries up and dies. Mustard powder can be used at any time of year and in any weather, it should be noted that it serves as a protective shield against various plant parasites and mineral-rich nutrient.