Diverting the use of certain cleaning products from their original function has become a real trend. But not everyone necessarily knows all these little household tricks. For example, did you know that dishwashing tablets have an incredible power that can simplify your everyday life and save you from many tasks?  

Granted, usually these tablets are used in the dishwasher to quietly clean dishes and cutlery. Apart from that, many people do not know that they can also be used to deep clean various elements and surfaces of the house. If you have extra tablets, keep them handy, they will be especially useful to you! However, some precautions are in order. Keep in mind that the concentrated detergent contained in the tablets can develop fumes. Therefore, make sure to ventilate your room while cleaning to avoid polluting the air in the room. Opt for the effectiveness of the solid or powder types and make sure not to mix these tablets with other cleaners. Ready for the big spring cleaning? Here are 10 ways to use dishwasher tabs effectively. 

  1. Clean the toilet

Cleaning the toilet is often tedious. However, it is important to keep the toilet bowl clean at all times because bacteria multiply and spread quickly through the air, especially when flushing the toilet. How do you simplify the cleaning process? By simply dropping a piece of dishwasher tablet into the bowl. Let it sit for a while. For an even more satisfying result, pour on hot water to completely dissolve the product. Leave it on for half an hour before rinsing. You can also put on gloves and apply a whole tablet (preferably solid) to rub directly and banish all stains! 

  1. Clean the oven

It is difficult to remove all stains and burn marks that penetrate the door and walls of the oven. But not impossible! You can remove all the dirt by dissolving a dishwasher tablet in hot water. You will be impressed how quickly all the dirt residue is gone! 

  1. Clean the washing machine

How long has it been since you washed your washing machine drum ? Many people feel that this element is always clean after each wash cycle. Nice mistake: The truth is that a lot of dirt accumulates over time, especially if you leave your clothes in it for a few hours or even a few days. This is the best way to let mold settle comfortably in all corners of the drum! Wash the laundry with a small piece of dishwashing rennet in combination with hot water. Just be careful not to add clothes. 

  1. Cleaning pots and pans

Pots and pans require a lot of care. And we want to acknowledge that cleaning them is far from pleasant: washing them by hand requires a lot of time and energy to remove traces of dirt. As long as you do this, going through the dishwasher will allow you to clean much faster and more efficiently. 

  1. Clean the trash

Generally, many people find that emptying the trash can is enough to get it clean. It is wrong! In fact, it is still very dirty because it has absorbed many residues and bacteria. Do not neglect the cleaning of your trash cans! 

To do this, dissolve the tablet in hot water, pour it into the trash can and rinse well the parts to be cleaned. With this method you can disinfect it completely and drive away all germs. 

  1. Spring cleaning for your plastic furniture

Sunny days are coming. High time to get out and clean your garden furniture! One thing is for sure: even if you had your chairs and tables neatly stored in the garage or under blankets all winter, your plastic furniture was not safe from dirt, dust and insects. Cleaning is without complaint! You can also start your big spring cleaning with a dishwashing tablet dissolved in hot water. Grab some gloves, grab a rag or sponge and get to work! Rest assured, thanks to this clever trick, the dirt will float away without too much difficulty. 

  1. Eliminate oil spills

Any areas where oil may have been spilled will be cleaned in no time. Dissolve a tablet in warm water, pour it over the affected surfaces and leave it for about an hour, then rinse. 

  1. blockage of drains

Are your drains clogged? Nothing unusual: this phenomenon often occurs in the bathroom due to the accumulation of hair, hair, lime, tartar, soap residue, etc.. From time to time, it is useful to clear the situation by unclogging them with the help of appropriate products. Dishwashing tablet will work well here too! Add one tablet to hot water and pour the mixture down the drain. Let it sit for an hour. Repeat the process until you can drain the water normally. 

  1. Disinfect the refrigerator

Even with regular cleaning, the refrigerator is always put to the test. The things in it tend to tip over. Whether it’s dairy products, drinks, sauces, etc. Even if you manage to wipe up these stains in time with a paper towel or sponge, there is always something left in hard-to-reach corners. Consequence: dirt spreads and bad smells follow each other. How better to clean the refrigerator? Dissolve a dishwasher tab in hot water and wipe thoroughly with your refrigerator. 

  1. Make your coffee maker shine

Finally, this last use of dishwashing tab will appeal to all coffee lovers. To properly clean your coffee maker, this method is very effective! Soak the machine in hot water with a dissolved tablet (or even just a piece). If necessary, you can rub a little with the tablet. Just be sure to rinse it out well before making your next coffee.  

And the list could go on and on: The powerful and compact cleaning agents contained in dishwasher tabs can be used for other purposes. Especially for cleaning hotplates or most stainless-steel items.