Green thumb lovers welcome! As all plant and flower lovers know well, autumn periods can also give us the birth of wonderful flowers. That is precisely why, below, we are going to find out together how you can grow cyclamen in your own home. Here is how to grow cyclamen in your own apartment and make it lush and strong. At home, by using some simple and easy tricks, we can make our cyclamen healthy and strong. Growing this plant in our apartment will really be a piece of cake. However, to do so the secret ingredient is always to have great care and above all a lot of love for plants.

History of cyclamen

The cyclamen plant is mainly found in the Mediterranean Sea basin, so they are most concentrated in Boreal Africa, the western part of Asia and southern Europe. Its name is of Greek origin and is in fact derived from the word circle name given to this plant probably because of its round, tuberous roots.

Tips for caring for cyclamen

Being an autumn plant, the cyclamen needs to live in low temperatures. Ideally, you should get a temperature between 50 and 60 °F. Obviously caring for this plant in your own home does not involve any kind of problem, but you need to store it, as we said, in an environment suitable for it. To keep it healthy and strong you need to fertilize it 3 times a week using a fertilizer full of potassium and phosphorus. In addition to this, it should not be watered too much or too little. The best thing to do is to soak the plant in a bowl full of water for 30 minutes or we can simply water the plant by pouring the water from the top down.

The soil, on the other hand, should consist of a mix of soil and peat, and is recommended acidic. To prevent diseases, on the other hand, it will suffice to pay attention to the color of the leaves. In fact, if spots appear or we see the color of the leaves change, it will mean that our plant needs care. To prevent mildew, on the other hand, we can simply add more bark on the soil and watch out for any water stagnation. At this point I would say that we have all the knowledge we need to put ourselves to the test and care for our cyclamen.