Dishwashing liquid can become a great ingredient when mixed with cinnamon: Here’s what happens.

To have a clean kitchen, you need to disinfect it thoroughly, and this is an activity that obviously takes time. The hob, the oven, the sink, the refrigerator, the shelves: there are many places in the kitchen where dirt and grease can accumulate. It is better to intervene immediately to avoid the risk of finding yourself with such a high level of contamination that cleaning becomes much more complicated. The same goes for the dishes: it is always advisable to wash them every day to avoid the risk of accumulating in the sink and having to wash an avalanche of pots and pans.

Dishwashing detergent becomes very useful with cinnamon

Of course, to better sanitize the dishes, you can choose to buy a dishwasher. However, if you prefer to continue washing dishes by hand, it is essential to equip yourself with an excellent dishwashing detergent, which will wash away all the grease and dirt from pots and pans. Few people know that there is a trick that allows you to use dishwashing detergent even more effectively. In addition, the preparation of this solution is very simple and fast.

First, you fill a pot with half a quart of water and put it on the stove to boil. The fire is added and while the water is heating, two halved cinnamon sticks are added to the pot. When the water boils, turn off the heat and let it sit for a while. The benefits of cinnamon are many and they are also practical on this occasion. The solution obtained is now poured into a plastic bottle. To do this easily, we can use a simple funnel: The cinnamon infusion must be poured completely into the bottle. At this point, add a spoonful of dishwashing liquid to the plastic bottle into which we just poured the previous solution. Also in this case, we can use the funnel to introduce the spoonful of detergent. Once all the dishwashing detergent has been poured in, we add another cup of soil disinfectant.

Goodbye to insects and bad odors

The last ingredient to be added to this mixture is lemon juice, which we will extract from a suitably cut half of a lemon: We should be able to do this process easily with a juicer. Let’s give a nice shake to mix well the different ingredients and fix the bottle with the atomizer so we can use the mixture properly.  What can we do with this product? By spraying it on the furniture of your house, it is possible to eliminate the various insects (flies, mosquitoes, ants, moths and many others) and also eliminate the bad smell of pet urine. In addition, this excellent solution will also prove to be a perfect pesticide for your plants. Finally, by spraying it on carpets, we will prevent pets from peeing on them. A few sprays in each corner of the house will be enough to perfume the environment and eliminate the annoying smell of moisture.