Simply add 4 cinnamon sticks to a container of coarse salt to solve a pesky problem.

After the whole house is washed and disinfected, everyone likes to enjoy the intoxicating scent that spreads in every room. However, this scent does not last long and in some cases even disappears very quickly. A major problem that causes most people to continuously clean the house to ensure that the scent is always noticeable. However, there are alternative remedies that allow you to maintain a wonderful scent in every corner of the house for a certain period of time. In addition, one of these remedies is also very popular because it keeps insects away, thus protecting the plants in the house as well.

All you need is cinnamon and salt to perfume your home: Here’s how

In fact, flies and mosquitoes return to invade the home during the warmer months and can often cause problems for plants as well. Fortunately, this remedy manages to keep them away while providing a wonderful scent throughout the home.

  • Coarse salt

First, we get a small glass container in which we put about five tablespoons of coarse salt. Recovering the coarse salt should not be a problem, as this ingredient is already present in the vast majority of kitchens. After filling the container about halfway with coarse salt, we need to add some plasticizer to the glass container. With the product we use, we can make our clothes smell fresh. Just put some of it in the glass container and shake it gently so that the liquid runs off. Once the emollient is used up, we can add the third ingredient that makes this solution stand out, cloves. Let’s put a handful of them and add more coarse salt to cover the cloves. After we have covered everything well, we add the softener again, always making sure that it penetrates through the coarse salt. Now we just have to put the cinnamon sticks in the solution we prepared.

Light the cinnamon sticks and enjoy the fragrance

What do we have to do? It is very simple. Take the four cinnamon sticks and put them vertically into the mixture. Generally, you need to use four and arrange them so that there are four corners, but it is possible to use more.

  • Cinnamon

As mentioned above, this remedy is ideal to repel flies, mosquitoes and all other insects that reappear in the summer in the garden, on windowsills and in the house. Plants will enjoy this great defensive agent. In addition, the scent that this solution spreads will be intoxicating. Now you just need to make the tips of the cinnamon sticks glowing hot with a lighter to spread the scent throughout the house. We can use this remedy in all rooms: The effectiveness is immediate.