Orchids are highly appreciated and very popular flowers. They are both delicate, original and colorful, beautify your interiors and add a unique and decorative touch to your home. However, it is known that they are quite complicated to grow, care for and store. So, how do you keep them alive for as long as possible and let them bloom all year round?

These flowering plants, which easily adapt to an indoor climate, have specific needs. To maintain them, regular maintenance is required, and special care must be given. Discover in this article how to make your orchids bloom again and keep them healthy in the long term.

How to care and maintain the flower of orchids?

To promote the flowering of orchids, it is necessary first of all to water your plants regularly. Moisture in the soil helps to extend their flowering time and duration. They need to be watered once a week, and at most once every two weeks in winter.

It is also important that they receive the right amount of sunlight without being exposed to too much light. Direct sunlight is not tolerated by these houseplants, so care should be taken with light baths while they have adequate light to thrive.

Epsom salt consists of hydrated magnesium sulfate and allows plants to better absorb essential nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus, stimulating flowering. It also allows the formation of chlorophyll, which is essential for photosynthesis.

But how to use this ingredient? Here’s how:

  • Add one teaspoon of salt to one quart of water.
  • Pour the resulting mixture on your plants.
  • Repeat this trick once a week.

How to make a faded orchid bloom again and allow regrowth?

Orchids usually bloom once a year, usually in the spring. To encourage growth, we recommend cutting flower-bearing stems completely after flowering. Your plant can then produce new stems and will be adorned with even prettier flowers than before! This first bloom can last for weeks! To release a second bloom on the same stem after the last faded flower has fallen, follow this method:

  • Cut your stem above the second node.
  • Place your plant in a cool place. The ideal temperature should be around 60 ºF.
  • And let your orchid rest in this space for about twenty days, between 3 and 4 weeks.
  • You will see, your orchid will bloom a second time a year and new buds will appear!

Like all plants, orchids have certain needs to last a long time. There are several fertilizers on the market, but they often consist of chemicals that can be toxic to both your flowers and your health in the long run. Nothing like natural fertilizers to get the job done! Inexpensively, you can make them yourself at home with ingredients you probably already have at home! So, you’re doing good for the planet and saving your wallet at the same time!

How do you make fertilizer to induce and promote the blooming and growth of an orchid?

For your orchids to fully thrive, it is important to fertilize them very regularly. For this, nothing better than a natural fertilizer, easily prepared at home. Here are a few that do not require too much effort and are easy to make from home.

How to make orchids bloom all year round with the rice water trick?

Potassium, iron, silicon and phosphorus are components that generously help orchids grow well. We can find all these elements in a single ingredient:  Rice water.

To use it properly, just follow these steps:

  • Put the equivalent of 0.5 oz of rice in a quart of hot water.
  • Leave to macerate for one hour.
  • Drain the rice, filter the water and let it cool down.
  • Pour the resulting liquid into a bottle.
  • All you have to do is water your plants with it!

You should use this mixture once every four waterings. You will notice the difference and the development of your orchids after a few days.

How to preserve an orchid with the trick of Epsom salt?

Another trick is also very effective for the growth and preservation of orchids. The use of Epsom salt. The salt helps to nourish the soil in the pot, allowing the orchid to grow faster, but also to bloom majestically. You will end up with magnificent flowers, even more beautiful than usual.