The ability to add salt to a dish has always brought flavor. But few know it, this natural element has several strings to the bow. Therefore, when added to the laundry, it can be very useful. You will not be at the end of your surprises, because salt can be used for so many other things! Everyone knows the trick with the little pile of salt on the wine stain of the white tablecloth, or even with the salt on the doorstep to ward off the evil eye. Salt is known today especially in gastronomy to refine the taste to preserve it when drying. This is to forget that it turns out to be one of the elements of your natural, ecological and inexpensive drugstore. In appropriate proportions it dissolves or is denatured so as not to harm the environment.

What are the different uses of salt at home?

It is already on your table, in your pantry, in large quantities or not, and allows you to easily solve problems for which previously you had to resort to chemical products sold to you at very high prices.

  • The salt loosens the laundry and gives it back its shine

Like baking soda and apple cider vinegar, with the salt content, you can take good care of your laundry. By mixing the laundry, you have noticed that some parts have become dull and lost their color. Instead of looking for homemade or costly chemical solutions, worry no more: the salt will help freshen up your laundry. To do this, add to your detergent in the tub of the washing machine a solution of 4 ounces of salt in a quarter of a quart of water. The result will meet your expectations at the end of the program for just a few cents. To aim for long-term preservation, reduce the proportions and switch to 3 ounces of salt per gentle wash cycle.

  • Salt cleans stains in your home

Are you about to wash the floor, the tiles or the floor? Try this: just pour half a glass of salt into the bucket of hot water, mix until dissolved, and practice as usual. Not only will your coating be cleaner, but it will also stain less quickly!

Another tip that few know: if your sink is having trouble draining dirty water, if your shower pan is slow to empty. Off to the kitchen: pour half a glass of salt with or without baking soda in the drain, let it act for a short time, rinse thoroughly with hot water, and your problem is solved.

Finally, you will also take the reflex to use it for stains in your bathroom (shower walls and tile grout), whether due to moisture or lime. Mix coarse salt with lemon juice, bring a little water, if necessary, take a sponge or microfiber cloth, rub and you’re done!

  • Salt: a deodorant for all occasions

Here it is necessary to use its absorbing power. The sports shoes have taken on odors, instead of washing them elaborately, first sprinkle a few grains of coarse salt: they will be healthy and pleasant. To also polish up the atmosphere of the house, salt is back in action. Put it in a bowl with a few drops of essential oils. When the liquid dries, it will release your chosen fragrance faster and stronger.

You see: The little grain of salt is also a big plus in your battery of healthy, natural and organic products that will help you take care of the house and family laundry.