To always get flawless laundry, you can use the secret button trick.

The washing machine, an appliance that everyone uses to wash clothes, has functions that some are not aware of. To get flawless laundry, there are several methods and tricks. One infallible way to wash your clothes perfectly is to use a secret button inside the washing machine compartment. To find out how to get shiny laundry, I recommend you read the following.

Perfect laundry

Perfect laundry, clean, fragrant and perfectly disinfected, is the dream of every housewife. To get an excellent laundry, you just need to take small precautions. Whether you wash them in the washing machine or by hand, your laundry should always be sorted by color and fabric. Before washing, you must empty the pockets, close any zippers, turn the clothes over and unbutton the buttons and the various hooks on the clothes to be washed.

In this sense, it is useful to order garments of the same color and fabric to avoid discoloration or shrinkage of the clothes. It is also important to wash the dirtiest clothes separately, which generally requires hot water and special products. With a few simple steps it is possible to have clean and fragrant clothes. Good laundry should always be washed according to the instructions on the label of each item to avoid damage to the clothes. To comply with the manufacturer’s washing instructions, it is first necessary to read the different laundry symbols.

The different fabrics must be washed at different temperatures, besides some must be washed by hand and not in the washing machine to ensure their perfect conservation and care. It must be said that the addition of fabric softener, whether natural or chemical, keeps the clothes softer and fresher.

Secret button for perfect laundry

Inside the washing machine compartment is a button, a secret button that allows you to get really perfect laundry. The success of washing in the washing machine is also determined by the cleanliness of the drum and tray. The washing machine, like any household appliance, requires care and some cleaning.

If the clothes are not perfectly clean after washing, it may be because the drum or the tub is not clean. Dirt or mildew accumulates in the detergent compartment, so it needs to be cleaned thoroughly and regularly. Mold can accumulate inside the detergent drawer, which then gets into the laundry.

At the bottom of the washing machine compartment is a release tab, which can be pulled outward to clean everything and ensure perfect laundry. It should be noted that this button is essential for the proper maintenance of the washing machine and, therefore, always clean clothes.

Tricks for perfect laundry

To have clean laundry and intact clothes, there are a few tricks. The first trick is based on the use of natural detergents. Using natural detergents to wash and soften clothes is very useful to eliminate bad odors and remove stains in an environmentally friendly way.

The ideal solution is to use a good natural disinfectant in the washing machine, which is effective even at low temperatures. Among the natural detergents and disinfectants for laundry we mention bicarbonate, citric acid, lemon and hydrogen peroxide, which are also very useful for pre-washing.

Another trick for excellent laundry is the correct setting of the washing temperature. Colored clothes must always be washed at forty degrees, while woolen clothes should be washed cold, that is, at thirty degrees. For heavily soiled clothes, it is always better to wash them at high temperatures with powder detergent.

Another trick to avoid ruining the laundry is to hang it properly. Before hanging the laundry, it is better to beat out the clothes and pull them with your hands, and then get an exact fold. Laundry should be hung outdoors, preferably early in the morning, when there is little smog in the air.