The dishwasher, like all household appliances, needs to be maintained to maintain so as to prolong its life. With this technique, you can clean your appliance thoroughly and save money simply by using certain specific products in your appliance.

It can happen that after a passage in the dishwasher, the dishes are no longer so shiny. This is a sign that the appliance needs to be cleaned as well. In addition, this inconvenience can lead to greater energy consumption.  Hence the interest to clean the appliance, and this is what we propose to you thanks to these natural remedies that promise to save energy.

Why is a thorough cleaning of the dishwasher necessary?

If your dishwasher is no longer efficient, you do not have to clean it manually. If you find that glasses and cutlery don’t come out completely clean and are covered in lime scale or detergent residue, there are natural remedies that are great for thoroughly cleaning the appliance.  If this type of cleaning is so important, it is because the filters of the device can also suffer from an accumulation of food residues, which can lead to a possible malfunction of the machine. All these are reasons that can be responsible for higher energy expenses and therefore higher bills.  Therefore, a thorough cleaning is in order.

Use a dose of this product in the dishwasher

If there are several products that should make your utensils shine in the dishwasher, there are several natural solutions that can give you effective results. These are simply everyday products that almost all of us have at home: baking soda and white wine vinegar. With sodium bicarbonate powder, you can clean the inside of your device and dissolve stains at the same time. To use it, simply pour a tablespoon of this powder into the empty appliance. Then, run the hot water wash cycle and let your dishwasher air dry.

Note that it is also advisable to remove the removable parts such as the wash arms and the filter and place them in a basin with water and white vinegar. Let them rest and then rub them with an old toothbrush before rinsing them under a stream of water. Finally, place them back in the machine after wiping the door with a cloth soaked in water and vinegar. This way, you’ll extend the life of your dishwasher while maintaining its efficiency. With these simple reflexes, it is possible to use it while consuming less energy.

How to clean the dishwasher thoroughly with white vinegar?

If you prefer to clean the appliance with household vinegar instead of baking soda, first empty the appliance drain and then add 1 cup of household vinegar to the top rack of your dishwasher. Again, make sure the appliance is empty. At the end of a hot water rinse cycle, allow the dishwasher to air dry with the door ajar.

As you can see, white vinegar and baking soda are effective alternatives to more expensive detergents. Remember, a well-maintained dishwasher is a less energy-consuming dishwasher.