Aside from their great taste, oranges have many other health benefits. They are rich in essential nutrients that boost your energy! Instead of throwing away their peels, save them for later use. For those who don’t know, orange peels are useful for creating a relaxing and calming atmosphere in your bathroom. We’ll tell you all about it.

Orange is one of the most popular citrus fruits. Firstly, for its high vitamin C content, for its antioxidant properties, but also for its ability to strengthen the immune system. If you are one of those who love them, you probably know that their peels are the richest in nutrients that are beneficial to the human body. Therefore, they can be recycled in the house in many ways.

The benefits and properties of orange peels for your bathroom

Did you know? Orange peel is a great way to mask bad odors and create a soft and fragrant atmosphere in your bathroom. Orange peels not only wrap the room in a delicate citrus scent, but also keep insects and mosquitoes away from your interior. In fact, the citric acid found in orange peel is ideal for disinfecting surfaces and removing stains and bacteria that settle in your bathroom. Perfect for keeping the bathroom clean and healthy, the peels of these citrus fruits add a natural decorative touch to your bathroom.

How can you use orange and citrus peels to perfume your bathroom?

Nothing is thrown away; everything can be transformed! This also applies to orange peels, which can act as a perfume in your bathroom. Arrange them in small bamboo or glass containers near your bathtub or toilet. A sweet citrus scent will envelop the whole room! And the icing on the cake: you’ll prevent pesky insects from entering your bathroom.

Another great tip: use orange peels to make a scented candle

  • Cut an orange in half, making sure to leave the central stem intact
  • Remove the flesh from the orange, making sure to leave the white part intact.
  • Then fill the cavity with 3 tablespoons of oil, the stem sticking out in the center can be considered a wick to light the candle!

What to do with dried orange peel and zest? The oven trick

It is also possible to burn the orange peel in a small bowl to get rid of bad odors from the toilet. You can also make a potpourri by mixing the peels of several citrus fruits. All you have to do is put them in the oven for ten minutes at a temperature of 390°F. Once cooled, place them in small bags and put them in the bathroom and even in the cupboards. And now, voila!

Other uses of orange peels around the house

Orange peels are not only used to beautify and perfume the bathroom. They are also effective for cleaning and deodorizing other rooms in the house, including the kitchen. Other people use it in the garden to scare away some unwanted insects. Details.

Clean and degrease with orange peel

Have you thought about using orange peels as a sponge? These scrubs are convenient for cleaning all kinds of surfaces in the home. In fact, the natural oils of this citrus fruit make it an excellent degreasing and cleaning product. To take advantage of their cleaning properties, all you have to do is collect a few peels and scrub them with your dirty pan or sink. Their antiseptic and antibacterial properties also work wonders in removing stains from tiles, sanitary ware and wooden surfaces. Here’s how to restore the shine to your lenses:

  • Dip them in the sink filled with hot water and orange peel.
  • Let them sit for 5 minutes before washing them with your usual detergent.
  • Note that the combination of white vinegar and citrus dissolves grease in depth.

Deodorize the refrigerator with orange peels

As you must have understood, orange peels are perfect for deodorizing the bathroom. You can also use them to scent one of your household appliances: the refrigerator. Peels effectively absorb cooking odors and leave behind a fresh, natural citrus scent. To deodorize the refrigerator, fill the peel with half an orange with salt and place it on a refrigerator shelf. The salt absorbs moisture and food odors, while the citrus spreads an orange scent inside. Once the salt gets damp, remove the orange peel from the fridge to replace it. There you go, your fridge smells like citrus!

Drive away insects with orange peel from the garden

Orange peels also act as real natural repellents. The strong smell of lime is especially hated by ants and mosquitoes. So, if you want to repel the insects that try to invade your interior, proceed as follows:

  • Arrange some orange peels in cups or small plates.
  • Place them in the corners and angles of the house, on windowsills to prevent insects from sneaking into your home.
  • You can also place them in closets to keep moths away.
  • Place the dry peel of an orange in a small cloth bag.
  • Put your natural repellent in the back of the closet. Here we go, your home is protected!

Now you know what to do to put an end to bad odors in your bathroom. Do not hesitate, dear readers, to try the other tips to take advantage of the other properties of orange peels inside the house!