Thanks to this method, you can say goodbye to flies and mosquitoes in your home. Here is the effective method. Our home is the place where we spend most of our life and where we feel safe and welcome. For this reason, we tend to decorate it according to our wishes in order to make it our own. A tidy house also helps the way of life, and therefore it is always advisable to keep things always in a certain position to have the idea of regularity and especially cleanliness.

Flies and mosquitoes: how to get rid of them completely at home

A neat and clean house is essential because we not only leave a good impression on our guests, but also prevent germs and bacteria and dust from forming on our surfaces. To prevent this, we buy in stores products that fight stubborn dirt or repellents that drive away annoying insects. Insects can visit our homes for a variety of reasons. Suffice it to say that there are some of them that are called pollinators and serve the ecosystem to ensure that the planet has the right amount of greenery. These insects are harmless, and we must also help them in their task by placing plants on our balconies so they can draw the nectar they need and rest during their journey. But not all insects are welcome, there are also flies that feed on our food scraps and invade our homes to catch something edible. These lurk in this case in the kitchen, where the aromas of our dishes are released and therefore are attracted by these flavors and try to position themselves on our food, sometimes even freshly baked. Likewise, especially in the hottest season there are mosquitoes, which like to feed on our blood and therefore cause trouble not only by their buzzing but also by the stinging effect of their plucking.

The natural method

In recent years have been developed electronic bats, designed to catch these insects in the electromagnetic net, which are immediately pulverized, but there is a less cruel method to remove them from our homes. First, take a bowl of water and fill it with a teaspoon of cinnamon. Once everything is mixed, pour the liquid into a spray bottle with the help of some filter paper.

In this way we will prevent the lumps of cinnamon to settle in the piercing bottle, and then we can act by spraying the resulting mixture in the corners of our homes and where there are flies and mosquitoes. The taste and smell of cinnamon is not only released in the house, but also has a repellent effect that annoys insects , and they will think twice before entering our homes, as they will be amazed by the effect of the smell and taste of this repellent of course. Just try to see your home with fewer flies and mosquitoes throughout the year