What could be better than an aperitif or a good barbecue on the balcony or terrace, weather permitting? Admit it, the idea of enjoying good ripe meat already makes your mouth water … The only downside is the arrival of surprise guests! No, these are not intrusive neighbors who do not hesitate to hit the crust at any time of day. No, we’re referring to those flying critters that come to rest anywhere and everywhere! You guessed it, we are talking about the flies. Want to enjoy a delicious moment while avoiding an invasion of flying insects? Are you tired of those swarms of flies invading your environment? Wherever you go, they follow you? It’s time to take action! Discover the cost-effective way to get rid of these flying insects. To great evils, great means!

How to scare away flies from a balcony and keep them away?

Sipping a cocktail on your balcony or terrace at the very beginning of the evening is a real treat! The world may stop spinning, your only concern: enjoy the present moment! A moment that you want to extend to infinity, but that may end up being short-lived. The reason?  The appearance of flying creatures that constantly surround you. Yes, the flies are back to your chagrin! Attracted by different smells, they do not hesitate to invade your personal space and you find it difficult to accept! If it can calm you down, you are not the only one! But at this moment, your question is quite different: “Is it possible to keep flies away without polluting the atmosphere with chemicals?”. The answer is yes! Do you find it hard to believe? It’s time to put an end to your skepticism and get rid of the increasingly annoying flies at the same time! So, headline or not headline?

How to make your homemade fly repellent?

It’s time to take the lead if you’ve decided to spend more time on your balcony. The ultimate challenge? Hunt down your number one enemy, which is flies! Say goodbye to tape and scented candles. All you need is a clear plastic bag or freezer bag and a few cents. Items that you will have no problem finding! So, space to realize this repellent:

  • First, pour water into your plastic bag;
  • Put the coins inside;
  • Be sure to seal the freezer bag tightly;
  • Finally, hang your repellent on the wall of your balcony.

How does it work specifically? It’s very simple! Flies cannot stand the reflection of water and the glow of coins in the sun. The refraction on the water surface, suggesting to the brain of its creatures the imminent death by drowning! You will not find a more convincing way!

What is the best natural repellent to repel flies?

Aside from the clear plastic bag filled with coins method, you can consider using natural repellents. Here are a few things that should catch your attention.

The trick with white vinegar against flies

Quite simple, essential and indispensable! It would be an underestimation of white vinegar to limit its use to simple daily chores. Note that it can also repel flies. How? You just have to dispose of it in several cups that you place on the edges of your windows. Flies hate the smell of white vinegar so much that they do not dare to venture into your home. Guaranteed effect!

The famous combination of lemon and clove to repel flies

Here is another smell that scares away flies, the one emitted by cloves! You just have to use them wisely. Therefore, do not hesitate to plant them in lemons cut in half or in quarters. Then place them on your windowsills. Rest assured that no more flies will invade your home.

Fight flies with peppermint essential oil

Does peppermint essential oil ring a bell? In any case, the flies will soon remember it! If you want to get rid of it, just soak a few pieces of cloth with this essential oil and place them near your windows or, for that matter, your doors. All you have to do is wish these flying insects well!

Dear readers, the fight against the appearance of an army of flies is anything but a long, quiet flow… However, thanks to our tips, this will no longer cause you any difficulties. We declare fly hunting open!