Toothpaste is also useful for purposes other than cleaning teeth: just put it on your cutlery and you’ll be speechless.

Cleaning and disinfecting the oral cavity is certainly an activity that must be performed daily, preferably after each meal. To ensure that our teeth are always clean and white, we must rely on toothbrushes of the best brands, as well as a toothpaste that guarantees a very effective action. What many do not know: Although this product is mainly used for cleaning teeth and maintaining dental health, it is also excellent for other purposes. For example, toothpaste is excellent for cleaning the cutlery that we usually use to eat.

Put toothpaste on the cutlery and see what happens – you won’t believe your eyes

As anyone who washes dishes knows, older flatware – especially silverware – can become damaged over time. In fact, cutlery that is already a few years older has stains on the surface, which we cannot remove even with the most common products and can be easily removed in specialized stores.

What to do if you find yourself in this situation? The solution is precisely to rely on the toothpaste that we use every day to brush our teeth. In this way, we actually do not have to spend too much to buy certain products. Which toothpaste is best for restoring silverware to its original condition? To remove dark stains and rings from silver spoons, forks and knives, it is best to use toothpastes with organic formulation.

On the contrary, toothpastes with gel components should be avoided, as these products could only harm our silverware even more. Let’s take a clean and soft cloth, possibly microfiber or flannel. We apply the toothpaste with organic formulation on the cloth and start spreading the product on the silverware, being careful not to overdo the amounts.

Once this step is completed, we rinse the cutlery with warm water and finish the process by drying the spoons, knives and forks with another cloth that is also soft and clean. When we are done, we will hardly believe our eyes.

The action of the toothpaste makes the cutlery like new again

With this simple remedy, silver cutlery regains the shine and brilliance that seemed to have disappeared over time.

Thanks to the toothpaste we can therefore fight the oxidation, that is the process that makes the silver of the cutlery opaque and causes the unpleasant stains that we talked about before. With this solution they will disappear very quickly. To make silverware shine again, there is more than just toothpaste. There is no shortage of alternatives, starting with white vinegar, another substance that is often used to remove all signs of aging, as well as stains and streaks.

That’s not all, because another excellent solution is to mix water with isopropyl acid, a substance that used to be used mainly for household cleaning and removing stains and various dirt.