Want a seamless tan without exposing yourself to the sun? For many people, self-tanning spray is part of their beauty routine. But it’s not always possible to apply self-tanner without it leaving stains. But don’t worry, we’ll show you how to get a spotless tan on your legs and face.

Which self-tanner to apply?

First of all, you have to fight your way through the jungle of products that are now available on the market. It’s important that you use different self-tanners for your body and face. These should be matched to your skin and complexion. The rule here is to choose a shade that is slightly darker than your complexion. However, if you are unsure, always opt for a lighter tone. This will prevent the result from looking unnatural.

Self-tanner: The preparation

Before you apply self-tanner, you should prepare your skin for this beauty procedure. You do this by exfoliating your entire body. This ensures that old skin flakes are removed and the tan looks more even in the end.

Attention: Make sure that you use a suitable, milder peeling for the face than for the body.

Apply self-tanner

Your skin should be sufficiently moisturized before you apply the self-tanner. To do this, you can first apply a thin layer of face cream or body lotion, or you can mix the self-tanner with your favorite cream. Professionals recommend the first option for beginners, if you are not yet able to estimate the ratio between tanning lotion and cream.

Apply self-tanner on the legs

If you want to treat your whole body with tanning spray, it’s best to start with the legs. Use special gloves to apply the tanning cream to prevent discoloration on the fingernails. Starting at the legs, spread the cream on your skin in circular motions. Slowly work your way up until you reach the shoulders. Use the self-tanner sparingly – especially on drier skin areas such as the elbows, knees, feet and hands. Here the coloring will be particularly intense, so you should make sure to apply a good cream to these areas beforehand and use less tanning spray.

Apply self-tanner on the face

You should treat your face and neck with suitable tanning spray. Again, apply the self-tanner in circular motions. On the neck, make sure you apply a nice transition to the rest of your body’s tan.

Self-tanner: The care afterwards

The self-tanner should be absorbed for at least 30 minutes before you get dressed again. After that, you have to be patient for six to eight hours until the product takes effect, and you can see the final tanning result. If it’s still too pale for you, you can apply another layer. Moisturize your body every day and apply self-tanner every four weeks or so to make the tan last.

Self-tan gone wrong?

Especially in the beginning, you may find the tanning result too intense. Here are some things you can do to tone down your tan:

  • Peelings remove the upper layers of skin and thus also the tanning agent.
  • Take a bath: the water swells the skin and ensures that the tan disappears quickly.
  • There are now self-tanner removers that help undo accidents.

With these tips, a patchy tan will be a thing of the past. Do you use self-tanner?