With just a jar of salt in the bathroom, all these problems will be a distant memory: a classic and very valuable method. Salt is a unique natural product of its kind, used by ancient peoples to preserve food. Few know that it was the Celts who handed down this method and made salt one of the most widely used and marketed products in the world. Once very expensive to buy, today it is a common good that can be found directly in the supermarket. It is a mistake to think that it is only for culinary use, because salt can solve many problems in the home: A jar is enough.

Why a jar of salt in the bathroom?

Coarse or fine salt is a great wealth that was discovered by ancient peoples and then used to preserve food, considering the absence of technological devices such as the refrigerator or other preservation methods. The discovery has led to the population becoming rich and discovering over time the many uses and benefits of this natural ingredient. In fact, salt is often associated with cooking for seasoning, but thanks to its properties it can become an ally in solving household problems. A single jar of salt will solve many problems, save money and avoid the use of chemical products with preservatives and harmful substances.

Eliminate bad odors in the bathroom

A single glass of salt in the bathroom can completely eliminate all the bad odors that accumulate. Sometimes they are caused by the pipes, while in other circumstances they are due to the moisture that spreads between the walls. Mold is a consequence of moisture and must be addressed as soon as possible. For this reason, a single jar of salt in the bathroom is enough to absorb odors and moisture by changing the contents once a week. To enhance the anti-odor effect, you can also pour drops of essential oil, preferably lavender or lemon. In a short time, the environment will be perfumed, free of moisture and full of well-being. The bowl with salt inside can also be placed in other areas of the house to counteract the humidity that also occurs in the kitchen or bedroom .

Eliminate yellow stains from the toilet

The yellow stains that form in the toilet are aesthetically unpleasant and definitely affect the hygiene of the plumbing fixtures. To eliminate them completely, simply take a glass of salt and then some cold water to make a cream that you can apply on the stains. Leave for a few minutes and then scrub with a mop before rinsing. For an even stronger effect, you can add baking soda and leave it on overnight. Salt can also be used with the same method to clean all kitchen equipment, eliminating the traces of lime that accumulate over time.