Use bay leaves this way and you will never go back, you will solve a troublesome problem. Read on to learn more. Laurel is a very special plant, its leaves are aromatic, it is an evergreen and perennial plant that belongs to the Lauraceae family. Thanks to its properties and characteristics, it completely falls into the category of aromatic, medicinal and healing herbs.  Aromatic herbs should not be considered merely decorative: They can provide unexpected benefits on several fronts. There are edible aromatic herbs, aromatic herbs that are good for our health. Laurel lends itself to many uses and has many benefits, but there is one particular way we can use it that is truly amazing. Few people know it.

Bay leaves: a real gift of nature

In the kitchen we are full of aromatic herbs like rosemary, basil, oregano, parsley and mint. What should not be missing in any pantry is bay leaf. Bay leaves can enrich many different dishes and give them a very special flavor. However, bay leaves have not only this spice function: there are many different ways to use them. Let’s see together what a useful and innovative way is to use bay leaves.

Bay leaves are a true gift of nature. As experts in this field indicate, laurel is very rich in very important vitamins such as vitamin C, A, B and minerals. Vitamin C is important for our immune system, as well as vitamin A, which is a very powerful antioxidant. However, it is not surprising that laurel is an aromatic herb used in the medical field as an aid for some health problems. In particular, the leaves stimulate diuresis and appetite, reduce intestinal gas and bring benefits to the liver. What more can you ask for? Now let’s see how to use bay leaves in a smart way that few know. They will solve a very troublesome problem.

Use bay leaves like this – you can say goodbye to this problem

You would never expect it, but bay leaf is able to neutralize all bad odors. When we prepare dishes at home, such as fish or fried food, the smell remains for many hours throughout the house. With the help of laurel, we can get rid of bad and stubborn odors. What you need to do is simply boil a few bay leaves in water for ten minutes. The steam that is produced during cooking fills the environment with a pleasant and very fresh scent, which neutralizes the bad ones. But one of the uses that few know is precisely that of bay leaves over the hot radiator. An action that leads to eliminate bad odors and create a light perfume throughout the house. Just take a few leaves and place them over the radiator when hot and let the laurel do its work. The same goes for the refrigerator: if you put fresh bay leaves inside, you can get rid of all the smells that food unfortunately causes inside. If you add baking soda, the effect will be even stronger. Seeing is believing!