The trousseau sheets are always an invaluable asset as they take us back in time to good memories! They are also, most of the time, a gift that should always be treasured with great care. When they are kept unopened for too long, however, it always happens that they can turn yellow forming unsightly halos or there are those little patches of dust attached. That’s precisely why today I’m going to provide you with natural remedies to make trousseau sheets that have been closed for too long look like new!

Baking soda

Let’s start with baking soda, an old Granny’s trick that is still timeless today! This product possesses a strong degreasing action, which is why it is often and frequently chosen in the washing machine. All you need to do is put the sheets in the washing machine on a gentle program and add 1 scoop of baking soda. You can also make a thick paste with baking soda and plain water to spread on the halos so as to pre-treat the stains, you will see what a result!

Lemon juice

Lemon, the world’s most famous and versatile citrus fruit, is an ingredient that we can’t help but put on our list among the solutions to get super-white sheets again! Simply, strain the juice of one lemon so that you get at least half a glass of liquid and then place it in the detergent tub. The degreasing and whitening power of the lemon will be ideal for the sheets, which will also smell great afterwards!

N.B. Remember to filter the juice well, otherwise the little seeds will get stuck in the washing machine tubes.

Hydrogen peroxide

The potential of hydrogen peroxide is often underestimated! Perhaps not everyone knows that we have fixed an unused product in the house and instead it is supportive for so many household chores. Using it in the washing machine is a great idea, especially when it comes to the bedding sheets that need to turn white again! You will simply need to put 1 tablespoon of the product in the washing machine tub and always set a gentle wash.

White vinegar

How could white vinegar be missing from our list of ingredients? Those who love natural remedies know very well that we are talking about a product that is a godsend when used in the washing machine. Among the many qualities it possesses, there is also the whitening one, so it turns out to be the perfect choice! All you will have to do is put 1 scoop of vinegar directly into the washing machine basket or detergent tub. Also add a few drops of essential oil so you don’t have to give up a fantastic scent!

Sodium percarbonate

Now let’s move on to a method to consider especially if the sheets show very noticeable yellowing. Sodium percarbonate, in fact, helps precisely in critical cases as it has great whitening power, but it must be used at temperatures reaching at least 100 °F to act effectively.

In any case, to use such a remedy it will be enough to put 1 scoop of the product in the basket together with the sheets and start the washing. The result will be amazing and the sheets will be as good as new!

Organic soap

We conclude our remedies with organic soap, which is perfect in such cases! Besides the fact that it easily bleaches any fabric, it also imparts a great scent that will stay on the sheets for a long time. You will need to take 1 tablespoon of soap flakes and put them in the detergent tub, then start the wash dedicated exclusively to the sheets. When the wash is finished, you will just have to inebriate yourself with the scent of the soap and see the fantastic result!


In order to conduct a perfect wash, we always recommend reading the directions on the washing labels.