While in the past it was believed that bedbugs could only infest really dirty and run-down homes, today we know that this is not the case. Unfortunately, this is a troublesome insect that can infest any type of dwelling and finds a suitable habitat in many types of apartments. Annoying and health-threatening animals: multiple bedbug bites, if not properly treated, can lead to serious infections. But then how to find out if our home is infested with bedbugs? Here are some tricks.

Where do bedbugs hide?

Before infesting a mattress, bed bugs have favorite hiding places. For example, cracks and crevices in general provide a suitable habitat for them to make nests. We are not just talking about cracks in walls, but also cracks in materials such as wood and even paper. You can often find bug nests in baseboards and even in power switches. Still other times, it is possible for bugs to infest other pieces of furniture such as sideboards or sofas.

Fortunately, this type of insect can already be noticed with the naked eye: it appears similar to a kind of seedling and does not fly or jump. Their movement is peculiar because they crawl. Impressively, a bug can lay up to five eggs a day and during its existence up to 500! If we suspect that we are infested, therefore, we act swiftly!

Remedies: which ones are most effective?

Unfortunately, over the years, bedbugs have begun to develop a kind of resistance and immunity to traditional insecticides. Some substances that theoretically should be harmful to them are no longer. What is really effective is high temperature: for this reason, we can take advantage of steam. The bugs die above 113 –122 °F. However, if we notice that the nesting is too dense and that there are droppings on mattresses or surfaces (these are brownish stripes), then we need to call a specialist company.

More information about bedbugs

Finally, note how bed bugs are particularly fond of human and animal blood. Furniture items and objects that should be thoroughly investigated include, in addition to those mentioned above: suitcases, especially after a trip, backpacks, carpets, and armchairs. Remember that bedbugs move easily from one surface to another and nest quickly. Preventive products are also available on the market.