Think you know all the golden rules for successful laundry? We don’t doubt your ability to do your laundry properly, but some mistakes happen more often than you think. There are some steps you shouldn’t overlook before doing laundry to ensure you find clean and shiny clothes without the slightest mishap. Without further ado, discover the solutions we offer in this article!

How to properly wash clothes, sorting them and not overloading the machine?

To ensure that you find clean, burr-free and good smelling laundry, certain rules must be followed in advance. A packed washing machine is never good! There is not only a risk of damaging your household appliance, but also that your clothes will undoubtedly remain unwashed. Most likely, your laundry will be accompanied by a bad smell and not all your things will be perfectly cleaned! You must load your machine according to the weight indicated and this must be respected!

Why is it important to wash your things separately? Let us explain it to you!

Before you start your machine, you must also first make sure to separate the colored clothes from the white clothes. Although it is possible to use color catching cloths to avoid the problem, it is highly recommended to follow the advice of our grandmothers and sort your household laundry and clothes before putting them in the washing machine. You will get the best result and there is no risk that his clothes accidentally turn pink or blue.

Then it is also strongly recommended to separate delicate laundry from other less sensitive materials. Depending on the type of garment, it is recommended to wash at a certain temperature. If you mix all your clothes and wash all materials at the same time, you risk damaging your most precious garments!

How do I put my clothes in the washing machine and perform a professional wash?

To avoid damaging your things, we have a good solution for you: wash at the right temperature.

As a reminder, here are the washing rules to follow for each type of fabric:

  • For delicate clothes, sportswear or even swimsuits: Limit yourself to 86 °F.
  • For bed linen, towels and cotton clothes and shirts: you can wash at 140 °F.
  • Finally, for really very dirty laundry, dish towels and coarse materials: you can use up to 195 °F. Do not hesitate to add a little white vinegar to your dirty laundry, it will be even cleaner and bacteria free!

What mistakes should you avoid before you start machine washing?

Before you fill your washing machine and start washing, be sure to pay attention to the contents of the pockets of your clothes. We all accidentally forget a few items in our bag. It is imperative to remove them all before you start your washing machine to avoid first damaging the household appliance and then damaging the items. But what kind of item can you forget in your pockets? While left out lighters or coins can hit the appliance and damage the washing machine drain pump filter, other items can also damage your clothes! Find out which ones below!

Why should you remove these items from your clothes before putting them directly into the drum?

Before you put your clothes directly into the drum of the machine, it’s important to check that none of your clothes contain any of the following items:

  • The paper handkerchief: this piece of paper, considered one of the most common oversights, crumbles and covers all the laundry during washing. Afterwards, you have to start all over again and thoroughly clean the machine’s drum and your clothes at the same time. A completely useless waste of time!
  • A ballpoint pen: another item to forget and neglect! Unfortunately, if you don’t check your clothes before putting them in the washing machine, the ink from the pen can stain your fabrics and you’ll be forced to throw them in the trash!

Our solution to safely avoid such inconveniences: Empty your pockets automatically when you undress!

What are the optimal conditions for successful laundry?

Some stains are more stubborn than others. Despite machine washing, they persist and do not disappear easily. To fix this, there’s nothing better than applying a stain remover product directly to the stains in question before you put the laundry in the drum of your washing machine. We have the perfect natural ingredient for you: Marseille soap.

Do not hesitate to rub your stains with this natural cleaner before starting the washing cycle as usual. By using this product instead of a chemical cleaner for stubborn grease, sauce, coffee or oil stains, you will be more efficient, your laundry will be easier to clean, and you will be happy with the results!

You will understand, no need to rush! It is better to take your time and avoid such clumsiness than to think of saving a few minutes and end up with a partially or completely ruined laundry!