Insects can invade your home and force you to seek an effective insecticide to eradicate them. If you have a vegetable garden, you know that certain insect pests can pose a threat to your plants. Here’s a list of natural repellents to keep these pests away from your plants. The gardener often faces unwanted insects that sneak around fruit trees and certain plants. Toward them off, he can opt for chemical-enriched insecticides or choose a natural repellent to begin an organic battle against pests. If you too want to know the most impressive natural insect repellent treatments, we’ll show you how. 

What are some tips to keep pests away from your plants? 

  1. to control the red spider mite

Weaver spider mites, also called red spider mites, are actually microscopic mites found in the leaves of our plants. These pests attack plant production to feed on the sap of ornamental or vegetable plants. To hunt these predators, you can opt for a biological insecticide, such as: 

  • A decoction of onions

A decoction is an effective natural remedy for spider mites. To prepare it, mix 2 onions with half a quart of water and then boil this mixture for fifteen minutes. Allow to cool and then filter the mixture to keep only the liquid. Pour the juice into a spray bottle to spray this mixture on your plants. 

  • Clay

Clay is an excellent insecticide that prevents spider mite infestations. On the bottom of your pot with plants or potting soil you need to sprinkle clay powder. This trick reduces humidity and thus keeps away the famous red spider mite. 

  1. chase vine beetle

Ear beetles are small black beetles that feed on plant leaves. When they infest plants, they lay eggs in the soil and release larvae that feed on the roots. Result? Your plants weaken and dry out and may stop growing. To protect them from pathogenic insects, a natural treatment can be of great benefit to you. Nematodes are considered the best treatment for vine weevils. These microscopic worms parasitize and infest the pest to make it disappear. To control pests, simply dilute the powder with water and then water your plants with this treatment. 

  1. to get rid of mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are small flying insects that fly over green plants and lay their eggs in the soil. When they hatch, they produce larvae that devour the roots and weaken the plants. To eliminate mosquitoes, you can opt for natural treatments: 

  • black soap

Dilute one tablespoon of black soap in one quart of water, then pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Spray the solution on your plants after each watering. 

  • Lemongrass essential oil

Essential oils have many benefits. To repel mosquitoes, place a cotton ball soaked in lemongrass oil in your potting soil to control these pests. 

  • Cinnamon

Cinnamon can be a natural solution against these pests. Make an infusion by diluting two tablespoons of cinnamon in hot water and then wait for the infusion to cool. Water your plants with this treatment. 

  1. To eradicate scale insects

Scale insects are pests that often infest houseplants. They feed on the sap of plants, alter their development, and can cause the appearance of a black fungus called sooty mold. They can also be found on fruit trees and affect the harvest. To eradicate them, certain means are impressive: 

  • Nettle dung

Nettle dung is a natural insecticide that controls mealybugs. Spray this solution on plants to protect them from insect pests. 

  • White wine vinegar

White vinegar is a natural treatment that gets rid of scale insects in no time. Dilute a cup of white vinegar in a quart of water and then pour this mixture on the leaves of your plants to put an end to the invasion of these parasites. 

  1. To combat aphids

Controlling aphids can be difficult. These parasites infest the branches, leaves, shoots and roots of plants. They can cause the plant to dry out, drop leaves and make the plant susceptible to disease. To protect your plants, two insecticides are impressive. 

  • black soap

Mix two tablespoons of black soap and one quart of water, then spray the solution on the unwanted parasites. 

  • Absinthe

This remedy will protect your roses from the invasion of aphids. You can spray wormwood on the above-ground parts to protect your plants from these harmful pests. 

You now know how to get rid of the pests that are massing on your plants, thanks to home remedies and without the use of pesticides, which are always harmful to health and the environment.