Where should you put your cat’s litter box? We show you where the silent toilet belongs and where you should not put it.

Where to put the litter box when the whole apartment is already full, and the litter box seems to have nowhere to go? Don’t worry, there is a solution! The visually disturbing plastic tub can be perfectly hidden in a shelf, a shoe cabinet or an old laundry basket. With a little craftsmanship and creative ideas, you can create a decorative DIY cat litter box that will blend harmoniously with your decor.

Where to put the litter box: You should follow the 4-point plan

The litter box makes the cat only happy if it is cleaned regularly, is well filled and is in an ideal place. And where exactly is that? Not for nothing one speaks of the “quiet little toilet”, because to do their business, the velvet paws want to be safe. So a corner or a niche in a quiet room where there is no through traffic is nice. The more enclosed the litter box is, the more undisturbed your kitty can be, because no “enemy” can sneak up on you. You should consider these four points when choosing a location:

  1. The litter box should always be accessible and located in a room that is not locked.
  2. Do not place the litter box next to where your kitty sleeps or feeds. Spatial separation should be a matter of course.
  3. Choose a quiet, protected place where there is no hustle and bustle.
  4. Consider the location carefully. Once you have placed the toilet, you should not move it again. This could unsettle and confuse your cat. The consequence: Your cat could pee in the apartment.

The litter box has no place here

Of course! When placing the litter box in your cozy home, there are a few places you’d better avoid making life more comfortable for you and your furry roommates. Your kitchen, for example, where you prepare and eat delicious meals, is not an ideal place for the litter box. After all, you don’t want odors or bacteria to get near your food.

  • Places with a lot of noise or activity, like the living room, should also be avoided, as cats prefer quiet and privacy when toileting.
  • Cats are naturally very clean animals and like to separate their eating and toileting habits. Placing the litter box right next to food and water bowls can be stressful for a cat and can lead to refusal behaviors, both when eating and when using the litter box.

Decorate litter box and do it with everyday objects

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to spruce up your furry friend’s litter box with everyday objects. Just take a look around your household! You’ve probably got some old wicker baskets or bowls lying around that could serve perfectly as a cat litter stash. Or how about a cute mat or small rug underneath to minimize litter spills while adding a cozy flair?

Always remember that safety comes first. Make sure not to use small or sharp objects that your cat could get hurt on. And finally – don’t forget to let your imagination run wild! It’s your home and your cat’s home, so design it in a way that makes you both feel comfortable.

10 Places to discreetly hide the litter box

But where to put the litter box if it’s somehow in the way everywhere and just doesn’t match the decor? Then it’s a matter of hiding the plastic bowl in a cat-friendly and space-saving way. Whether you use an open or a closed litter box, you should decide in view of the preference of your pussycat. And this is how it works!

  1. How to turn the decorative basket into a litter box

You have a big laundry basket or a book box? Then you can turn it into a litter box stash! The “HOL” basket from Ikea is particularly suitable for this with a hinged lid. But you can also try any other box that is big enough.

  1. The cat’s litter box in the plant pot

Is that a cat’s head sticking out of the flowerpot? If you’ve ever watched your cat, you know that cats like to bury their droppings in potting soil. So, it makes sense to let the litter box disappear into the planter. This way, the quiet little toilet becomes an evergreen eye-catcher.

  1. Where to put the litter box: Under the sink!

Not only we two-legged friends – also the four-legged friends can do their business undisturbed in the bathroom. In conventional sink base cabinets, a litter box can be optimally integrated. In cabinets with drawers, it becomes more difficult. By the way, kitties like to spend time in the bathroom. Do you know why cats love to lie in the sink?

  1. Turn the dresser into a litter box

Not only in the bathroom, but also in the living room, almost any cabinet can be turned into a litter box. How about your dresser or sideboard? Depending on where the piece of furniture stands and what size it is, it can fit more or less well. You can get creative here!

  1. Kallax shelf as a litter box

Does your kitty rather prefer an open litter box that is more accessible? Then a Kallax shelf from Ikea is ideal for this. You can hide the plastic bowl and scoops almost invisibly. To counteract the cat litter crumbs, a rubber mat is suitable as a rug.

  1. The curtain falls

If the plastic bowl still bothers you, you can brighten up your apartment with a decorative element: a curtain. Voilà – the beautiful fabric covers the litter box and turns it into a stylish eye-catcher. Between two pieces of furniture or on two table legs you can attach the curtain.

  1. Where to put the litter box: Off to the kitchen!

It doesn’t sound hygienic at first, but this variant is especially creative and space-saving. It is important that the kitchen belongs to you and not your landlord or landlady. They might be less pleased with the remodel… With a little craftsmanship, the kitchen cabinet becomes a hidden litter box in no time.

  1. Top secret: look under the stairs!

Behind a staircase is usually hidden unused storage space. There you can hide a lot of junk – or even the litter box! By means of a built-in cabinet or a wall unit, you can stylishly integrate your cat’s quiet little toilet into your home.

  1. Hide the cat toilet in the wardrobe

Let’s stay in the hallway: A coat rack offers a lot of storage space for jackets, shoes and classic “knickknacks” – and also for the litter box. Simply add a door or cat flap to the piece of furniture and in no time at all you’ve conjured up a unique litter box.

  1. where to put the litter box: Get out of the house!

Are you sick of your cat because you can’t find a suitable place? Then go outside with the litter box. The cats are originally used to do their business in nature. For this purpose, you can create a small burrow for her, where she is protected and has peace.