Just one spoonful of aloe vera is enough and everyone will want to know the name of the ingredient and this natural secret.

Aloe vera is a plant full of benefits and properties that is present in every home and not just for purely aesthetic reasons. In fact, this is a plant that has been known and loved by ancient peoples for its gel and leaves. In short, a real container full of great properties for the well-being and care. But who takes care of them? A plant of this type needs little attention, but with a certain ingredient can become even healthier and more beautiful.

Ingredient for aloe vera: just a teaspoon is enough

Aloe vera does not require much care but is often chosen by all people who do not have a green thumb. As a food and natural fertilizer, one ingredient in particular might work for you.

Eggshells are often mentioned for plant care, and it is a great way to recycle them without throwing them away or polluting the environment. Their composition is 90% calcium, a basic mineral for building and protecting the cell walls of all plants, especially aloe. The shells, which would otherwise be thrown away, are actually natural fertilizer to be considered. They fight fungi, counteract rotting and intensively nourish, especially in cases of pronounced calcium deficiency. In addition, they help eliminate the acidity of the soil and release a certain aroma so that insects or slugs cannot attack the plant. To best use them, eggshells should be used in powder form. In fact, it is enough to wash and dry these shells and then put them in the blender. Once the powder is obtained, it can be spread around the plant and then watered well.

How to use eggshells for plants

Eggshells can also be used in other ways. Tea can be made with an eggshell by boiling 3 quarts of water and then adding 20 eggshells. Leave to stand overnight and then filter. A tea of this type is able to give the plant everything it wants and misses. Or they can also be composted with coffee grounds. This mixture is a natural fertilizer rich in essential nutrients.

In most cases, not only aloe vera benefits from this essential natural nutrient. In fact, in most cases, this fertilizer can be used together with other waste such as coffee grounds or onion or banana peels. It is therefore important not to throw away these natural ingredients and find their essential fertilizers and nutrients to make the aloe even more beautiful and healthy.