Iron in plants is vital. In fact, if this element is lacking, your plants could suffer from iron chlorosis and thus lack of chlorophyll formation. There are 3 classic economic and practical means by which you can avoid this problem. If our ornamental seedlings have an iron deficiency, how can we correct it without buying expensive supplements or fertilizers? Often the solution is found directly in our house and in this case, we assure you that it will be the same! In fact, to prepare three iron-based fertilizers at home, we need only a handful of nails. Let’s see together how to do it.

For iron in the soil

The first and easiest method is to take iron recovery pieces like some nails and put them in the pot in the soil, being extremely careful not to damage the roots of the plant. We spray with a spray diffuser and make sure that the iron is wet. Within a few days it begins to rust and dissolve the iron.


An alternative could be to take a plastic bottle to be recycled and fill it with nails. Once it is filled, add tap water and fill it to the brim. We close with the cap and after 2 days, when we collect everything, we will find that the water is ready to use, and we will understand it by the color. However, before we use it to moisten, we must remember to shake it to move all the substances. With a nail we will pierce the cap and in this way we can dose the liquid through rain. When the water is used up, we can simply refill it, because the iron continues to give rust, the substance we need.

With a lemon for the yellow leaves

Let’s take a lemon and start putting our nails in it. Lemon juice is rich in iron and acidic, so it improves the pH of the soil. Once all the nails are inserted, we let at least 48 hours pass. Let’s remember to put it on a saucer so that the lemon juice, rich in iron oxidation, stays in it. Then we remove all the nails, not throwing them away, but using them for the next lemon. Now we can squeeze the juice. The obtained liquid must be diluted. We can use it to water acidophilous plants with yellow leaves every 15-20 days.