The summer heat can be quite exhausting for the body. If you eat healthily and drink plenty of unsweetened tea or water, you can do yourself some good. On hot days in summer, it is all the more important not to put additional strain on the body and that you drink enough water. Nutrition can also influence well-being.

Raspberries for breakfast

Experts advise eating fruit, vegetables or easily digestible foods, especially on hot days. A healthy snack for in between meals is raspberries, for example, which are considered particularly digestible and can also be enjoyed with a low-fat yogurt for breakfast. You can be creative when cooking with vegetables. Salty foods provide the body with minerals.

Avoid garlic, chili and ginger in hot weather

Some foods are said to have “a cooling effect,” according to the Thuringia Consumer Center. For example, the mint, as it says on the website of the consumer center. “On the other hand, you should keep your hands off garlic, chili and ginger on hot days,” it continues.

Green salads and a refreshing gazpacho

Also, the consumer center advises to easily digestible meals on hot days. Because to digest sumptuous food, the body needs additional energy and it becomes one warm. Green salads, for example, are a healthy and light food. But of course, you don’t have to give up hot meals either, despite the heat. “A turkey cutlet is easier to digest than a beef steak. With a soup you stay fitter than with dumplings,” say the consumer protectors. A cold soup for hot days is, for example, a refreshing gazpacho, which you can easily make yourself.

Some food could work up a sweat

Those who sweat a lot are better off overall on hot summer days if they don’t eat a lot of meat. But vegetarian alternatives such as soy products and legumes are equally sweat inducing, it said, because like meat they contain so-called purines.

Drink enough water or unsweetened tea in the heat

It is particularly important to drink enough, because the water requirement is increased due to sweating, as the American Society for Nutrition emphasizes. It also says “Depending on age, about 1.5 liters should be drunk throughout the day; in hot weather, healthy people can drink 3 liters or more,”. How much liquid one needs daily, depends altogether considered on numerous factors. Only a physician can give information in the individual case. The American society for nutrition advises drinking water or other calorie-free beverages – for example, unsweetened herbal or fruit teas.