Threading a thread through a needle requires some skill and very good eyesight. However, for many people, the maneuver is not so simple. It can even become a very frustrating headache! Of course, there are many tutorials on the Internet that will make your job easier. However, take a look at our quick and effective tips as well. No more sweating and wasting time, dressing will be easy!

How do I quickly thread the thread in a needle?

Unless you are a sewing pro and have acquired an unstoppable technique for threading a needle, it is important to realize that this manipulation can quickly become an ordeal for some people. Then they lose patience and, in the end, even throw in the towel. Others succeed only after several minutes or often need the help of a third person to successfully insert the thread into the eye of the needle. For this procedure is of course very suitable for sewing on a button or repairing a small visible tear in a pair of trousers or a dress. Tired of always being in trouble? Here is a tip from Jeanne, my grandmother, to solve this problem in two steps.

A simple and effective method

Certainly, the needle threader is generally a very useful little tool to facilitate the mending or making of clothes without making the thread soft. But we do not always have it at hand. Usually, people who try threading hold about an inch of thread between their fingers and try to pass it through the eye of the needle. However, it is difficult to pass it directly because the thread is fragile and flexible. Futile attempts will cause the thread to deviate and fray, so you will need to wet it in your mouth to tighten the fibers before repeating the process. Rest assured, the following method is by far the easiest way to thread yarn through a needle without the use of water, wax or a needle.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Hold the thread between your thumb and index finger.
  • Squeeze the thread between your fingers until you can barely see the end of the thread. Hold the needle with your other hand and bring the thread and eye of the needle together.
  • Instead of trying to push the tip of the thread through the eye of the needle, slide your eye over the tip of the thread instead. Your fingertips should support the thread well to keep it from deforming and fraying. Even if the thread is too thick, squeezing the tip will compress it into a shape that fits the eye of the needle.

With practice, you should be able to feel with your fingers if the needle is threaded properly. Holding your fingers firmly to support the thread, pass the needle through your fingers. When you separate your fingertips, you should complete the process successfully.

How do you thread coins into a needle?

This second method takes a few minutes but is very effective. It is easy to use: take a long enough piece of copper wire, fold it in half, making sure that the folded end remains open with the loop. Then place two coins on it, leaving this end protruding. Tape the pieces together so they don’t move. Now take the needle and thread it through this loop: you will notice that it is easier to pull the thread through. Finally, take the thread and thread it through the eye of the folded end. All you have to do is continue the process, pulling on the needle to pass the thread through.

How to thread a needle in a toothbrush?

Do you have an old toothbrush lying around in the bathroom? Don’t throw it away! You can already recycle it to clean various places that are hard to reach with brushes or sponges. But the beautiful gift from heaven is that you can use it exactly to thread a needle. How? You need to place the thread lengthwise on the toothbrush. Once the needle is placed on the thread, press lightly on the bristles of the toothbrush to thread it. And voilà, voilà!