Cooking without garlic is unthinkable for many gourmets. But for most home cooks, black garlic prefers to end up in the trash rather than in the pot – wrongly, because the black bulb has certain advantages (for health, the immune system and smell) than its white cousin doesn’t.

Black garlic: how is it produced?

Although it seems like it at first, black garlic is not a different type, but exactly the same garlic as you can buy at the supermarket.

Through a targeted fermentation process that lasts around 45 days, the garlic changes color and aroma. During this time, the garlic is stored between 45 and 70°C. It therefore becomes black and loses its sharpness. Instead, garlic has a sweet taste that is slightly reminiscent of balsamic vinegar. You can certainly do it yourself, but it’s anything but practical. You can see below where it’s much easier to get it.

But where does black garlic actually come from? This delicacy was originally discovered in Asia and its properties have been appreciated for centuries, especially in China, Korea and Japan. The black tuber then slowly began its journey to Europe via traders and explorers and is now mainly known in Spain, although it is finding more and more fans there.

Black garlic can do this :

1. Protein Bomb

Black garlic is a real protein concentrate. A single clove contains as much protein as a whole bulb of white garlic. The fermentation process strengthens this ingredient, making it true sports nutrition.

2. No more bad breath

Many people know: after cutting, your hands smell of garlic and if you ate it well, the next day those around you will also know what was on your menu. This is not the case with black garlic. Its aromas are much less pronounced and will keep your breath fresh.

3. An Extra Health Boost

Just like its white cousin, black garlic has an anti-inflammatory effect, prevents colds and is good for digestion. In addition, your cardiovascular system is strengthened. The vitamin C it contains and many important enzymes provide your body with everything it needs.

Where can you find black garlic?

Many Asian supermarkets sell black garlic, so it’s definitely worth asking for. Otherwise, organic stores and delicatessens offer the specialty and you can order it online.