Don’t throw away your old CDs, here’s what you can do with them. Just cook them at home and you can use them. What you can do with them is amazing. A few years ago, CDs were used a lot and for this reason you will surely have unused CDs in your house. Today smartphones, YouTube, Spotify, i-Tunes and other services. Nobody uses CDs anymore and they are often thrown away. Instead, they can be reused in a variety of ways. Online there are tons of ideas for reusing CDs and they are really diverse. From bracelets or jewelry in general or decorations for the Christmas tree. But still decorate vases, plates, frames or anything else with the mosaic technique by using lots of small pieces of old CDs. In short, the methods of reuse are many and below we will see how to make a very nice tent with CDs. What you don’t know is that you can boil them in boiling water to use them. What is this for? Below we see the reason for this step and how to build the tent.

Tent with old CDs: here’s how

First you need to get some old CDs and an old pot that you no longer use for cooking . This thing is very important because this pot should not be used for cooking food. Then fill the pot with water and put it on the fire. Now you can pour the CDs into the water and let them soak for a few seconds. Take them out of the water and divide the CDs into two halves. Then cut them immediately because it is easier to be in boiling water . They will become much softer and cutting will be easier. After a few minutes they become hard again.

Then prepare the shapes to cut out twice, a crescent and stars, and start cutting the different CDs. Once you have cut all the pieces, you can proceed to the assembly. You will need a colored ribbon, beads, decorations, tulle fabric in the color you prefer, glue or liquid silicone.

All you need to do is assemble the moon and stars on the ribbon and insert it into two shapes cut out using glue or silicone. Once you get 3 ribbons with moon and stars, you can decorate them with beads or different decorations, according to your imagination.

Finally, create a kind of rosette with tulle in the color you prefer. Just take the tulle and create a bow. Then cut the two sides and create a kind of pom-pom. Once you have made 3, one larger and two smaller, you can join them together.

Finally, connect the threads to the CDs you created earlier, and your curtain is ready. It is a very original idea and can be reinterpreted to suit your taste, for example, it can become an alternative birth bow. There are so many ideas, just use your imagination!