One of the most frequently asked questions in the fall season. In this short article we will find out whether dogs can eat chestnuts safely and other useful details about their possible benefits or not for our 4-legged friend. It is usually recommended to feed your dogs only a small part with food that is not specifically for dogs, so once in a while you can do it but never too often. Today we will create something special with chestnuts-but can they eat them? Are there any limits? Let’s find out right now.

Chestnuts to dogs: are there any limitations?

Chestnuts are great but can dogs eat them? The official answer is yes but under certain conditions, if they are cooked, properly shelled and without any kind of seasoning. For example, they can be boiled or baked in a pan/bake, shelled and served in the bowl (in small quantities) or crumbled to make dog cookie dough or other similar recipes.

As mentioned, pay attention to the quantities! Depending on the size of your faithful friend adjust the quantity. We find it difficult and not prudent to indicate an ideal weight range so if in doubt consult your veterinarian for that information. Chestnuts are high in fat and fiber so it is best not to overdo it to protect your dog from abdominal pain.On the contrary, however, if taken in small doses, as with us humans, they have beneficial effects. They can contribute to healthy coat, skin, improved digestion and management of blood sugar levels.

Can dogs eat chestnuts? Answer given! What more can we say, prepare this little treat for your faithful friend and see how he will react. We are sure he will love them!