Prepare this natural and cheap fertilizer to get lush and long-lasting flowers. All you need is a potato, here’s how. The potato is a very common food that is used in cooking in various ways, but few know that it can also be used as a natural fertilizer for plants to help them produce lusher and longer lasting flowers. Let’s see why it is so useful and how to prepare this natural fertilizer.

Potato: a panacea for plants

First, the potato is rich in nutrients that are essential for plants, such as starch, potassium and phosphorus. These nutrients are essential for plant growth and healthy development. Starch, for example, is a source of energy that plants use for photosynthesis, while potassium is needed for protein synthesis and for controlling the opening and closing of the stomata of leaves. In addition, the fertilizer obtained from the potato is natural and therefore has numerous advantages over chemical fertilizers available on the market.

First, it does not contain chemicals that are harmful to plants or the environment. Since it is made from a simple food commonly available, it is cheap and easy to get . The use of a natural fertilizer, such as that obtained from potatoes, helps to strengthen the root system of plants and improve their green mass. In addition, it improves the health of plants and makes them bloom more thanks to the useful nutrients it contains. The latter, in fact, stimulate plant growth and improve the quality and quantity of flowers. In addition, the soil also benefits from the use of a natural fertilizer, since this agent leads to a reduction in the impact of chemical substances on the flora and fauna of the soil.

How to prepare natural fertilizer for potatoes

To prepare the natural potato-based fertilizer, we need a medium yellow potato, preferably still in organic quality. After obtaining it, we can clean and cut the potato. Then we put it in a blender and add 1 quart of water at room temperature. After mixing our ingredients, we pour the liquid obtained in a jar, passing it through a sieve to separate the solid part from the liquid product. Before applying to plants, this natural fertilizer must be diluted with water so as not to be too aggressive. In fact, if we use it without dilution, we could have the opposite effect on the plants what we want to achieve and harm them. So, let’s dilute one glass of the mixture obtained in two quarts of water, then mix. Now we can finally use our natural potato-based fertilizer by watering the plants directly at the roots every 21 days.

A few more ideas

Natural potato-based fertilizer is anti-waste because you can use not only the flesh of the potato, but also the peel. The latter can actually dry in the sun for a few days, then finely chopped and spread around the roots of the plants. In this way, the nutrients contained in the potato peel are slowly released into the soil and provide an excellent source of nutrients for the plants .